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    Questions on Basic at Fort Sill and AIT at Fort Sam Houston!



      I'm leaving for basic training in October. So, I have a few questions about Fort Sill!


      • What's the weather like?
      • Any advice whatsoever, please?
      • What should I start doing to prepare, I have eight months.
      • Do you get the small pox vaccine at reception, or do you not get that until you deploy?


      Okay, also, my MOS is 68P, so I'm going to Fort Sam Houston for AIt.


      • What should I expect at Fort Sam?
      • Should I start studying now?
      • Any stories or advice?



      Thanks so much! Any advice will be taken to heart. I know it's not going to be easy, but I wouldn't have joined if it was easy. I just want to be prepared.


      - C