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      When a school says they offer ROTC does it matter for what? By that i mean hocking college in ohio says they offer ROTC for national guard. Does that mean i would be a guard member instead of army reservist?

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          No, there are different ROTC units as far as branches (NROTC, AROTC, AFROTC) but it's one and the same. There is no National Guard ROTC, National Guard, Reserve, and Active Duty officers all come from ROTC. Looking at it, it looks like Hocking College doesn't have a ROTC unit. I think they have an AFROTC unit.

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            Hocking was an example, which I didnt state but should have. The college I want to attend is Ohio University (Athens,Ohio) but a local branch because the Main campus is an hour away. The only problem is that ROTC is only offered at the main branch. Very irritating.

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              I see. Yes, most colleges that offer ROTC only have it at the main campus. I don't really know what to tell you...

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                It's ok, i'll just look around and see what other options there are.

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                  It's not letting me tell you thanks for your help!

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                    Is there a SPECIFIC amount of debt one can have and still be able to pass a secret security clearance? Does the debt of a spouse roll over to the person who wants to enlist? I'm pretty sure that even combined our debt is less than 5k.

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                      I read some information on the STARR program I the recruiters pocket guide...

                      My question is do you get this negotiated into your contract? I know the basics on it and am his wondering if anyone has more indepth knowledge about I other than the info in the recruiters guide.

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                        do u have to be in the military for ROTC? and has the deadline already happended?

                        i just need a lot more info on the the whole ROTC program because i want to be a physical therapist and work with the uniformed services....

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                          ROTC is a military commissioning program, it'll put you in the military when you commission. The application for the high school class of 2014 is now open.

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                            Please clarify. Do you want to be a military PT or a civilian PT who works for the military?