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    ESL program


      Im just graduated from 19D osut training few days ago, but english is not my first language and not not proficient

      In english. How can the army help me improve english?

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          KingAgbefia User

          If you raised this issue earlier,your recruiter could have arrange and ESL program for you on army expenses before you go to BCT.i think now that you graduated you have to start knowing your chain of command and get the right person to address.

          English is my second language but I do my best.the recruiter asked me how good I am in written and spoken English,I said I am good and that is it...

          Talk to your unit commander.


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            Once you get to your duty station talk to your chain of command they will probably instruct you to go talk to the education office at your base.


            Most do have classes that can help you.