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      Am I able to join the army while on probation?

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          Probably not dude.

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            jcleppe User

            If you are currently on probation you will not be eligible to enlist.


            You need to talk to a recruiter, tell them what you are on probation for and what the charges were, this will determine if you will ever be eligible to enlist.

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              My "BS Meter" went off when I saw what you said that a recruiter stated about those on probation being able to enlist while on probation.


              This policy has been in effect for years so I'm sure you may have "misinterpreted" what he actually said.


              As far as those that have made mistakes in their lives and that includes us all but at different levels of severity doesn't mean that the Army or any other military branch are some type of reform school of sorts and enlisting isn't a right but a priviledge. Less than 1% of the US population will ever serve in the military.


              It's funny to me that the only ones ever crying about wanting to "better" themselves, or that joining the military has always been a dream are those that have messed up some part of their lives usually involving the law and are always the ones looking for a "second" chance.


              Well I say that if they really wanted to better their lives then they shouldn't have been a dumba** and gotten into trouble in the first place.


              And to you and/or anyone else looking for sympathy or a second chance after making bad choices that eliminated the possibility of enlisting, you won't find it here or in the Army.

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                You do not have to be apart of some type of reform school to do anything. If a person has made a mistake in his or her life feels like they want to make a change in his or her life and getting that military mentality as well as military discipline can take one a long way mentally and physically. If God can forgive then then whatever one does can be forgiven. Or are you Satan son? I believe you are.  You must be the "dummy" that have made a mistake as well but never got caught. You need to get yours. You got too much mouth. You for sure got in trouble as a child and didn't get caught.You seem like the type that cursed his mom out and told her "I hate you". You sir...are a Idiot!

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                  PFCAddari ArmySoldier

                  Chill out. Sadatn2k has seen plenty of these types of posts, as well as I, and it becomes quite frustrating to see that other people use the Army as a scapegoat for their past mistakes as if to make up for it in a way. You can better yourself in the civilian world, just as well in the Army. OP made a CHOICE, bottom line. If the Army is not allowing him to join, it's for a reason. There are many qualified future soldiers who have no criminal history, and perfect medical history. Those are who the Army is allowing to enlist currently.

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                    Oh my friend I've made plenty of mistakes in my life and I'll continue to make mistakes. I never in my post said "I" never made mistakes.


                    But what I can assure you of is that I've NEVER made a mistake that would jeopardize my chances or my career to serve as a Soldier in the US Army and former US Marine. That my friend I do know!


                    Secondly, you don't know me or my family. So to insinuate that I would ever disrespect my parents by talking to my mother that way goes to show exactly what I was talking about.


                    To give you a brief idea, my father is a retired SGM of the Marine Corps and my mother is a retired Gunnery Sgt of the Marine Corps. So no, I NEVER even thought of disrespecting my parents, nor would I have even considered it because I had the utmost respect for them both. My parents made sure to it that my siblings and myself stayed on the straight and narrow.


                    I was to smart and had ambitions of becoming a member of the military which I did and continue to do.


                    From your post I can tell you're young and more than likely got into some trouble that currently makes you ineligible from enlistment so that's probably the reason for your inmature rant.


                    The military would probably be good for you but if you're ineligible than deal with it and work to better yourself by going to school and above all else, stay out of trouble.


                    Good luck with your endeavors and thanks for considering our Army.