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    Question about Top Secret clearance


      Hi, I have a few question about obtaining a TS-SCI clearance.


      I've sworn in & enlisted already (a couple weeks back) and I've already talked with an investigator and a lot of friends/family have told me someone asked questions about me. My problem is, I didn't tell them about prior drinking. I haven't had any run-ins with the law of any sort, and by no means has it ever been a problem. I suppose what I'm getting at is, is there ANY possible way I can mitigate this & come clean now with a possibility of still getting it, or am I just done for?


      More importantly, if I don't end up getting a TS clearance needed for my MOS, will I just discharged from the DEP or will I be able to pick something else/be assigned something? I realize I made a huge mistake, but me and my parents both agree the investigator(s) will take the "dumb teenager" factor in to play. I was scared and thought that I would get in trouble, and now it cost me a great MOS with airborne in the contract.


      Thank you for your help,