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    Colorblind MOS


      Hi i am intrested in joining the army and hoping to be a 13B can i do this while being colorblind, if not what  colorblind MOS can i do. I know i would fail the dot test, not sure about the falant, but i would be able to pass the vivid red/green test

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          egloskerry ArmySoldier

          13B only requires passing the vivid red/green test.

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            I scored a 98 on my ASVAB and there were only 8 jobs the Army offered me because I am also red/green color deficient. 25C (radio operator/maintainer), truck driver, mortuary specialist, laundry and bath specialist, cook, medic and chaplain assistant.


            This isnt to mean that the list is exhaustive, it just means that even with a 98 ASVAB, these were the only jobs the Army CURRENTLY had available that they wanted to match me with.

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              Eglo, I dont know about you, but I know for a fact that for the airborne test, those testers will half the time ask "What color green is the card I am holding." The red/green vision test is a joke. The Army would train me for 25B cuz I was colorblind, but I had real world experience, so I wired NIPR and SIPR networks on 14 different FOBS and COBS in iraq... Loved walking in with a box of red and a box of green and asking the CO which one was red. The look on their faces were priceless.

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                egloskerry ArmySoldier

                What does abn have to do with this question?

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                  It also "requires" red/green color vision. It's rarely enforced in practice, however. I was attempting to allude that just like for almost everything else in the army, if you can find someone motivated (and potentially high ranking) enough to get you there, you can find a waiver to help you out.

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                    egloskerry ArmySoldier

                    Color vision is not waiverable. Do you know soldiers who have gone abn that failed the vivid red/green test?

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                      What is the vivid red/green test like

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                        egloskerry ArmySoldier

                        You earlier said you can pass it, yet you don't know what it is?


                        The room lights are dimmed. You stand ~three feet away from a small stand onto which the PIP book is placed. The plates are actually at the back of the PIP book. The stand is lighted with a white light, color temp ~6000K, so as to not alter the colors. They consist of a red or green square, about 5x5". The red is like fire engine red, and the green is near hunter green. The plates alternate between red and green, with a black page in between each. Think of flipping through a book, where the pages are red, black, green, black, red, etc. You must correctly identify all colors to pass.

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                          Where is this happening and when

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                            egloskerry ArmySoldier

                            Uh, are you a bit confused?

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                              Do all meps facilities offer this test or just some

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                                egloskerry ArmySoldier

                                It's a standard Army test. All MEPS should have it.

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                                  Ok good I can see my greens and reds I just can't pass the dots

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                                    I have no idea whether the red/green color test that my soldier was administered was "vivid" or not, but I do know in fact of at least 5 red/green color deficient soldiers who were accepted and passed abn training at Benning and were assigned to the 261MMB (and the 36th ASMC, a DRU) on Bragg. You cant get through MEPS without the test. I failed the one with the white/green/red lights, but I told them before hand that I was colorblind. I'd known since I was in 1st grade.


                                    Sorry about your original desire for 13b Mr. 443322, that one is not likely one your battle buddies would be very happy to find out you didnt know what kind of munitions you were handing them, since what they do is based on the color of the either the casing or the projectile. Not something I'd want to risk by battles doing.

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