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    JROTC My High School Doesn't Offer It. What do I do?


           I always wanted to join the military and be a health care specialist. I decided to go a high school which has a medical program, but no JROTC. And the other high school in my city has JROTC. After a long and hard decision, I chose the school with the medical program. I'm not sure what to do because I'm very interested in the military, but I 'm also interested in medical. I'm not happy and I'm really stuck on what to do. I worked hard to get into this high school and I don't just want to leave. But I also want to join JROTC. Will JROTC really help me a lot in my army career? There is no doubt in my mind that once I graduate from high school I'm going to college with a ROTC program and study medicine. I really just need some advice. Is there any outside of the high school JROTC programs? Does the army have any programs I can join to get started? I am a freshman, so I was going to wait a year, I would then be almost 17. Please someone give me some advice on how to get started. If there are any outside of high school JROTC programs you know about please respond to this questions!!! Thanks so much

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          It`s not really that big of a deal if you don`t do JROTC, especially if you`re going to do ROTC, because the only TRUE benefit you get from JROTC besides leadership, etc, is advanced rank, but only if you enlist. It really isn`t going to help you that much, in my opinion. My school has JROTC, but I didn`t join it, mostly because I need/would rather take other classes to help me rather than JROTC. Nothing against JROTC, it`s an awesome program, but you act as if it`s going to have an effect on you joining.


          Also clearing up some other things, just to be clear:


          -Health Care Specialist is an enlisted MOS. ROTC will commission you as an officer, so that`s not an option.

          -Yes, I`ve heard of some kids taking JROTC at another school, but don`t know how this works.

          -Aside from that, there`s outside youth military programs, but I don`t know if they have one for the Army. I know there`s Civil Air Patrol, Sea Cadets, and Young Marines, so you could join one of those, because it has to do with the military, even if it`s not your branch of choice.