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    Active Duty and GED


      I am a H.S. Graduate who attended a Christian school that no longer physicly exhists and attended a Christian college for a couple years. After scoring an 84 on the practice ASVAB (yes I know its not the same as the real thing), I was told that I would have to get my GED...I did and scored in the top 1% of all H.S. graduates in the U.S. Now I am told that Active Duty is closed to GED recipients and that I can only enlist as Reserve. Is this true or is there some "Reseve Quota" the recruiter has to meet? Im very excited to serve but I dont want to wait if its not neccessary.

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          egloskerry ArmySoldier

          We have heard this from one or two other applicants. Apparently it is harder to get into AD with a GED than Reserves. If you get 15 college credits, you will be considered a HS graduate.

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            There are a limited number of GED (Tier 2) slots available at a given time. You can wait for a slot to open but who knows how long that may be and if you will even get it. I would recommend starting the paperwork for active duty so it's all ready, get MEPS out of the way if possible and wait for AD to open. DO NOT GO RESERVE IF THAT IS NOT WHAT YOU WANT.

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              I know opinion doesnt change policy, but its really silly. I DID graduate and I DID go to college. The fact that they were Christian and not state shouldn't have any merit.

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                egloskerry ArmySoldier

                They won't accept your diploma?

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                  No. It's a legit "Home School" curiculum. Many State Universities take it. but for some reason when it was reviewed they only looked at the location and not the curiculum. The locate as i said isnt there. its just an empty lot cause it closed.

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                    egloskerry ArmySoldier

                    Most homeschool diplomas are considered tier II. It should be the equivalent of a GED.

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                      Hey man I am in the same boat, I went thru the whole MEPS process to get it out of the way though so when slots do become available I will be sure to get one. If you want to go Active do not go in the reserves, your recruiter will make it sound so easy but it all reality it is not easy at all. Be patient and in the mean time look into getting college credits 15. I have a few friends in active and they put me in touch with a few friends of theirs that are recruiters and they told me wait it out and not to go reserves. The most you will have to wait is about 6 months and if this is something you really wanna do it is well worth it....use the time to start getting in shape for BCT! It's hard to say when slot will open could be  month could be 6 but get the MEPS process over with so when the time comes all you have to do is height,weight and then pick your MOS!