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    Boyfriend wants to join Navy


      Hi! So I'm a girl in highschool still, and my boyfriend is 19 and is currently in his sophmore year of college. He doesn't understand math at all, so he thinks he is wasting his time, and just figures that if he joins the Navy at least he'll be making $2,000 he said. I told him I don't like this idea. I will support him with ANYTHING he would want to do, but not the Navy. That's pretty much supporting him to risk his life. I need help with a few things, 1; how do I calm down? I don't want him to so I've been beyond stressed out lately. 2; is there anyway I could make him not want to join? Like not being mean, but just taking his mind off of any form of military. I've been so devastated lately just thinking about this. PLEASE HELP!

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          First, this site is for questions about the Army, not the Navy.


          Since your question is more general, it sounds like you two should break this off before it goes any further. On the flip side, if he doesn't understand math, he's not going to pass the ASVAB, so he won't be eligible to enlist anyway.

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            This is an Army forum, not Navy. Furthermore we aren't here to talk people out of joining. If you do not agree you can express your opinion with him, but you should try supporting him instead. Educate yourself on the military first, although it is a dangerous job you might find that it is not as dangerous as you think. Your topic seems rather selfish.

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              And the Army revelance is.....?


              Listen, you`re being a horrible girlfriend. You should try supporting him; it`s his life. And the military really isn`t that dangerous as you think. I found so many wrong things with that post.....a real, true girlfriend wouldn`t try and talk him out of it. So get over it. If you can`t handle it, break up with him. You`re still in high school anyhow.