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    Can you enlist with pectus excavatum?


      My name is Justin and I'm attempting to join the Army. I have done everything and passed my physical however, they started asking questions because I have a sunk in chest. I had to go to BAMC for an Xray and I got diagnosed with a 'severe' rating for my haller index. I have never had any issues. I ran cross country, played baseball and played soccer in high school and college and 2 years ago ran a marathon for the American Cancer Society. Is it still poosible to be able to join or will I get denied just because I'm rated as severe when it comes my index rating? Any help is appreciated.

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          Revdeck ArmySoldier

          The is what the Army Reg 40-501 has to say about it:

          2–23. Lungs, chest wall, pleura, and mediastinum

          i. Current chest wall malformation (754), including, but not limited to pectus excavatum (754.81), or pectus

          carinatum (754.82), if these conditions interfere with vigorous physical exertion, does not meet the standard.


          No one here though can give you a staright forward answer, you just have to keep working with your recruiter and eventually you will know for sure.


          Best of luck!

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            egloskerry ArmySoldier

            You said you passed your physical? Did you require a waiver, or did they clear you? I'm assuming you didn't swear-in that day?

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              No I did not swear in that day. When I spoke to the Final person...I just remember station 8 is what they said. We discussed my result from what I was given at BAMC. He asked me how long ago it was when I did competitive running and I told him a little over 2 years ago for that marathon I mentioned above. He wrote something down and said I needed a waiver. I took it to the front of the medical desk where I checked in when I first got their. She looked at it and said good he closed it out and that they were going to send it off to get a waiver. I explained it to my recruiter...for the 100th time and he told it was about 50/50.

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                So is it still possible for me to get in or am I most likely going to get turned down?

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                  cozy63 User

                  If your recruiter said it was 50/50 then you can trust them as they have the most recent information on things and IF they are lying it could cost them their career, so I would say it was the truth.