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Aug 6, 2012 7:33 AM

How many soldiers in the US Army?

Hi all.


I really like US Army, but i have a question (about numbers) for you:


if you check on Wikipedia ( ) you can read that there are

561,984 Active personnel

567,299 Reserve and National Guard personnel

for a total strenght of 1,129,283.





The U.S. Army currently consists of 10 active divisions as well as several independent units (Within the Army National Guard and United States Army Reserve there are a further eight divisions, over fifteen maneuver brigades, additional combat support and combat service support brigades, and independent cavalry, infantry, artillery, aviation, engineer, and support battalions. The Army Reserve in particular provides virtually all psychological operations and civil affairs units.)


The active divisions are:


1st Armored division

1st Cavalry Division

1st Infantry Division

2nd Infantry Division

3dr Infantry DIvision

4th Infantry Division

10th Mountain Division

25th Infantry Division

82nd Airborne Division

101st Airborne Division




170th Infantry Brigade

172nd Infantry Brigade

173rd Airborne BCT

2nd Cavalry Regiment

3rd Cavalry Regiment

11th Armored Cavalry Regiment




and Special operations forces.






So my question is: a division has a size of 15000 to 20000 personell... so 20 000 x 10 divisions = 200 000 soldiers.... where are the other 361,984 ?

The same for Reserve and National guard...



Thank you very much!

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    1. Aug 6, 2012 8:21 AM (in response to Wasicun)
    How many soldiers in the US Army?

    Nothing against wikipedia but I doubt they have the most up to date numbers of soldiers within the Army. Besides those numbers would be difficult to accurately track with the amount that go in and come out every day for whatever reason.

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    2. Aug 6, 2012 10:25 AM (in response to Wasicun)
    Re: How many soldiers in the US Army?

    Not every Soldier is assigned to a division. I'm in a tiny public affairs detachment of 20 people. Between medical detachments, military police/chemical/engineer/transportation, etc. brigades scattered all over the Army, there are also other brigades here and there. At Fort Bliss alone, you're failing to account for the 15th Sustainment brigade and the 32nd AAMDC.


    More than that, you're forgetting the Corps. I Corps, III Corps, XVIII ABN Corps, etc. In addition to that, there are Soldiers who fall under garrisons and Soldiers in specialized assignments which can be anything from being a radio DJ at an AFN station to being in the Old Guard. Not to mention all the people on special duty such as recruiters, drill sergeants, AIT platoon sergeants/instructors, people assigned directly to MACOMS such as FORSCOM, TRADOC, etc. People assigned to the Pentagon, and so on.

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    3. Aug 6, 2012 10:14 AM (in response to Wasicun)
    How many soldiers in the US Army?

    Here a link to the numbers as well

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