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    Confusion about NCO vs Commissioned Officer


      What are the major differences between NCO and commissioned officers and why do they have nurses, doctors, etc. come in as commisioned officers? Don't commissioned officers write up orders to be executed while NCO's are carrying them out. Doctors aren't leading groups of soldiers are they?

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          ACM21 User

          An NCO is an enlisted man who carries certain leadership responisibilities.  A commissioned officer is someone with a 4 year college degree who attends officer training. An NCO is just that--non-comissioned. And officers are comissioned.

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            MAOakley ArmySoldier

            Commissioned Officers can also serve in a position of trust based on the fact that their specialty requires extra education. Let's face it...it would be hard to recruit someone who just completed 10-12 of education just to give them the same rank as someone who has done much less. Doctors, nurses, PA's, Lawyers, etc are indeed put into leadership roles. Given, they are not leading Infantry Soldiers, but they may be leading medical teams, departments or entire medical units. They may create the operational plans and ensure that they are being carried out.