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    Question on DODMERB?


      Hello I am entering college this year as a MSI non-contracted cadet. However I plan on applying for a three year AROTC scholarship this coming school year. I was disheartened to learn that having asthma is ground for a disqualification during the DODMERB screening process which must take place before a cadet is allowed to contract. It read something to the effect that if you have had asthma after your thirteenth birthday you may not go pass go you may not collect 200$ go straight to jail. I was wondering however if it was proven that I was never diagnosed with asthma even though I was prescribed inhalers due to my concerned mother would it be possible that I pass the DODMERB exam. I run five miles daily without stopping and have no sign of wheezing or asthmatic problems. So I am wondering will there be any chance for me?


      Would it be in my best interest to participate in the first two years of ROTC non-contracted receive stellar reviews from my cadre and then apply for a contract. Would DODMERB look at this more favorably? If both of those methods are a no go would it be easier for me to join the national guard through the SMP program and join the military that way? Every male in my family has served our country honorably and I want to have the same privalge in any capacity whether that be through ROTC, enlisted, national guard, or another service.


      Thank you in advance and sorry for any spelling or grammatical errors I wrote this on my phone.