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    required score to pass aims test


      i haven taken asvab, scored 74, taken tapas and passed and took aims test and scored 48, but cant seem to find out if i passed or not.  im a ged holder, been to meps for physical already, waiting on dependency waiver and to see if recruiter can find about aims but im dying to know if i passed and cant seem to find much info on aims test or required score to pass, thanks in advance for any help.

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          check with your Recruiter. Your NCO will have the information you need.

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            you need a 102 overall . They combine Aims , Tapas , and ASVAB you have to get 102 avg out of those scores. When I went I didn't get that I got a 72 and passed all 3 tests! People scoring 80's didn't pass it either. It'll ask some contradicting questions just be honest.

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              yes my recruiter doesnt know yet hes trying to find out the information now, he says he doesnt know much about the aims test, i dont know my tapas score the gentlemen there just said you passed and a 74 on asvab amd my recruiter said a 48 on my aims test but he wasnt sure if there was a required score for the aims to pass, but thanks for the fast responses, im just anxious about the situation and nervous at the same time hoping that all goes through so i can join, but thanks again and for any other info.