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    Microdermal piercing in chest & when to take out?


      I have two questions, but I'll start with this one: 


      I have a microdermal (for those of you that don't know, it's a piercing that was basically hole-punched into my chest and even if I ***** the top jewel off, the anchor is still attached inside my skin, so I need to have it cut out before I join) and it is located in my chest, right in the center.  Obviously, I have to have this taken out before I join and I'm procrastinating because it will hurt a bit, but my question is when do I actually have to take it out, last and for all?  Before my first visit with MEPS?  Just before I get processed at MEPS (second visit) before being taken away to basic training?  


      I'm just afraid that, god forbid, I get turned away from joining when I go for my initial visit at MEPS but already cut my piercing out of my chest.  I'd like to keep it if I don't actually get to join, but I am sure I'll get in.  So, before first visit or before going to basic? 


      Also, I have an apartment leased out in Tampa, FL that begins its term on August 14th (because I originally was going to school there but I live in Minnesota) and ends July of next year.  I am joining as an active duty soldier and I know that there is a law that says you can get out of a lease if you are moved to base somewhere for the military but I don't actually go to basic until around December or January sometime of 2013.  Do I have to go to Tampa for this next semester before I can break that lease for the military?  Or, once I'm sworn in and everything, can I send my notice of joining and cancel?  I looked at the copy of my lease and there isn't even a military clause...I'm worried about this whole thing.  I don't want to get stuck in TWO contracts I can't get out of. 


      If you can answer one or the other but not both, I don't care, I just want answers, please!  Thanks!