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    ASVAB pretest


      I just took the ASVAB pretest and scored a 29.1. Do I need to practice for the actual test? Whats the passing score?

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          the passing score for the real test I mean

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            Revdeck ArmySoldier

            I would recommend studying, you need an (AFQT) - Military Entrance score of 31 on the ASVAB to be eligible to enlist. The higher the score the more MOS that you will qualify for.


            Here are some helpful  links:


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            I personally like the "ASVAB for dummies" book.


            Goodluck, any more ?'s just ask.



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              Hi Tasha90c, I got a 26 on a pretest I took at the recruiters station, so I got the ASVAB for dummies book--worth the investment. Nothing wrong with brushing up on math,

              arithmetic and Eng. comprehension skills which are critical on the AFQT/ASVAB. It has helped a bunch, and now it's all coming back to me now. As long as you commit

              yourself to study, you should be able to get a higher score on the real test and have more MOS options. Find a study plan that fits you. Good luck!

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                i took a practice asvab test online and it didnt give me one official score so i have no idea how i did. these are my scores. can someone help me haha

                ASVAB Results - ASVAB Practice Test 1


                General Science25151060See Answers
                Arithmetic Reasoning3022873See Answers
                Word Knowledge35241168See Answers
                Paragraph Comprehension159660See Answers
                Mathematics Knowledge2523292See Answers
                Electronics Information20101050See Answers
                Auto & Shop Information25141156See Answers
                Mechanical Comprehension25131252See Answers
                Assembling Objects1613381See Answers


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                  The way the test is scored doesn't simply work with the formula of X out of Y. So, it would be superficial to project your score off of an inadequet scoring system. Your scores are not bad though, just keep studying and taking practice tests and you will do great. Good luck!

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                    alright thanks haha. this test caught me off guard with all the different subjects but ill keep practicing.

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                      The most important parts of the test are the main subjects, Arithmetic Reasoning, Math Knowledge, Word Knowledge and Paragraph Comprehension. These test scores will combine to from the AFQT, this composite score is used to measure your eligibility for enlistment. A 31 AFQT is required. The Line scores will be measured by adding certain subtests and main tests together, these score will then be used to measure your eligibility for job selection. However, the bottom line is just study, and you won't have to worry about all the intricate details. Good Luck and just keep working at it. When you are ready you can go to a recruiters office and take a pre-ASVAB test on their system and that actually can project your possible score. Good Luck!

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                        ok thanks