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      Hi i am getting ready to enlist in the VERY near future and i wanted to know where the most probable place i would be sent to for MP BCT and AIT would be. Also, what is the daily life of an MP like ? My brother is in the Wardac Province right now and he isnt to happy, but is it where your stationed that determines how hostile the enviroment is ?

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          MP's do their training at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO. I can't describe what their daily life is because I'm not one. Anywhere you are stationed can turn hostile, just some are more prone to it.


          Just a heads up 31b is going to be a difficult MOS to catch unless your 1.lucky and catch one open or 2. wait for one to open. I'm not going to sit here and tell you that you wont get it I just want you to know that it could mean a long wait if you are deadset on getting this MOS. If your wanting to enlist ASAP then I would do some research and take a list of 5-10 MOS's that you would like or wouldn't mind when you go so you stand more of a chance of getting one you want. But like I said if you are deadset on 31b you should prepare yourself for a wait if you can't get one reserved.


          Hope this helps, good luck!

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            Yea if i enlist this year then i can get first dibs on MP when it opens im thinking of 1.) 31B 2.)19D 3.) 11B 4.)19K 5.)18B/18C or Ranger Regiment