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    Dependent waiver?


      I am a 30 year old male who is married with 4 children. My wife works full-time and we have child care provided for through her work.  I have been seriously considering elisting into the Army for quite some time now. I am physically fit with no medical issues. I can pass all of the basic fitness standard requirments for my age group and then some. I also have over 70 college credit hours and should have no problem socring well on the ASVAB.


      I heard that I would need a dependent waiver to enlist so I called a recruitor today and was told that dependent waivers are not being issued and that I should check back in a year or so. I have also been considering the Guard and I was told by the Guard recruitor that getting a dependent waiver would not be an issue. My desire is to go active duty before I am too old to do so.


      Can anyone confirm that dependent waivers are no longer being issued for active duty Army?

      Would enlisting in the guard and then after sometime transfering to active duty be a way around this and is this even possible? Does anyone have experience going from National Guard to active duty?


      Thank you.

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          Right now the Army is giving few waivers out, inlcuding those for dependents. The recruiter is telling you the truth. With the budget and recruiting numbers being cut, the need for waivers has dropped substantially. You could join the NG or Reserves, but transferring in the future will be hard.

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            Hello I know this post is almost a year old but I figure I give it a try.  I'm pretty much in the same boat. I'm 30 years old married with 2 kids.  I did all the asvab and meps and had to get my dependent waiver for the navy. The navy didnt grant the waiver and told me to try the army.  Is the army still not granting dependent waivers?  Is it only for active side? Would the NG be more acceptable? Thanks

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              egloskerry ArmySoldier

              You will not need a dependency waiver for the Army. The Army only requires it if you have more than three dependents.

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                That's good to know. Thanks for a quick reply