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    Cant do the 1:1:1?


      I have a couple of questions about BCT.


      I am currently enlisted and sworn in, I am set to go to basic on May 8th. However, I just found out from my recruiter that 30 days prior to going to basic, I need to do 1/1/1. Which isn't an issue for the most part. I did 30 push ups and 40 situps. However, right now my mile is at 12 minutes. I am 26 years old and been working IT for a while. So I got a little soft.


      So now my recuiter is telling me that the Army requires me to do the 1/1/1 before I can go to basic, if I can't do the 1/1/1, then I don't get to ship. I looked in my contract and it says this..


      6. Pre−Basic Combat Training (BCT) Physical Training (PT) Program

      a. I understand and acknowledge that all recruits reporting for Active Duty/Active Duty for Training will be required to meet a

      physical assessment standard in order to enter on active duty. At a minimum, I must be able to demonstrate my ability to

      successfully perform 13 pushups for males, 3 pushups for females, 17 sit−up for males and females and a one mile run in 8:

      30 minutes for males and 10:30 minutes for females. In addition, Prior Service applicants not requiring basic training will be

      required to successfully achieve a minimum of 60 points in each event on the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT).


      b. Based upon my initial assessment, my recruiter will enroll me in a self−paced Pre−Basic Combat Training (BCT) Physical

      Training (PT) Program. I understand and acknowledge that as a member of the Army or Army Reserves, my participation in

      the PT program is voluntary; however, I will be required to meet a physical assessment standard in order for me to enter on

      active duty. Failure to meet these standards will prevent me from shipping.


      That part confuses me, because later down my contract for my job reservation it says this...



      a. I understand that all recruits reporting for Basic Combat Training (BCT) and One Station Unit Training (OSUT) will be

      assessed on their physical fitness during processing at the Reception Battalion.

      b. The new soldiers not meeting the minimum standards listed below will enter the Fitness Training Unit. Those who meet or

      exceed the standards will proceed on to BCT/OSUT. The minimum standards are:


      Push−up: 13 repetitions

      Sit−up: 17 repetitions

      1 Mile Run: 8 min 30 sec.


      So I am now confused with this. It sounds like if I don't meet the 1/1/1, I still get to go to processing, but then I get stuck in the FTU. So does this mean that I have until I go to processing till I need to hit the requirement? because right now, I am hitting the gym EVERY DAY to get this up. Hitting the Eliptical, Treadmil, and hitting the track. I am already improving but I am just concerned that I have less than 30 days to hit that goal.


      Also, if I get stuck in FTU, I heard it can be up to 3 weeks. Does this delay my basic, and ultimatly, does it mean I miss my AIT and may even lose the job I have reserved? Here is the info I have for my processing.













      Like I siad, I am working my **** off at the gym to reach my goal, with a personal trainer. So I am confident that in 2 months I will hit my goal, but if I have to do it in less than 30 days I am a little nervouse...

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          First of all, assuming you're a male, you only need to do 13 pushups, 17 situps, and a mile run in less than 8:30. If you can do the situps and pushups, focus on your run. That should be your highest priority. You don't have to bench your weight to ship, you don't have to do leg curls to ship - you have to do the 1-1-1 test. Focus on the run.


          Here's how to get better at running: Run. Think you've run enough? Run some more. If you have to do 1 mile, do 2. If you did a 12 minute mile yesterday, try to do an 11:45 mile today. Try for a 11:30 mile tomorrow. It's going to be hard, it's going to suck, but it'll reward you in the end (cause you'll be doing a LOT more running in basic!).


          Eat well and drink a lot of water. Maybe the next time you meet with your trainer, ask them about working only on your running, or for some tips about how to improve endurance.


          As for your FTU question, here's what happens: You need to pass the 1-1-1 test at the reception battalion. If you cannot, or if you cannot meet the physical requirements during BCT, you will go to the FTU, where you'll get back up to speed. You don't want to go there. If you do go, you'll be taken out of your BCT company and put in a new one at roughly the same point in training you were when you left. Your AIT will be delayed because you'll rotate back through the portions of BCT you missed, but you won't lose your MOS.


          Also, don't post your ship date on here. OPSEC.


          Hope this helps. Sounds like you're pretty motivated, which gives you a leg up already. Keep working hard, and good luck!




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            Thanks for the info.


            So from what you are saying, is I have until I go to Reception to hit that goal? Because If I have 2 months to work on it... Then I am not worried at all, I will hit that mark in 2 moths. I will hopefully excede that mark in 2 months by a bit. I plan to meet the PT requirements before I leave for basic.

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              I've been in the Army for 7 years and I'm a SSG (soon to be a SFC). Here is my recommendation to you and interpretation of your contract.


              1. If your recruiter says you have to pass a 1/1/1 before you can ship, then you have to pass one.


              2. Your contract states that you have to,"meet a physical assessment standard in order for me to enter on active duty." In your case, the 1/1/1 is the physical assessment. If you don't pass the assessment.. "Failure to meet these standards will prevent me from shipping."

              3. So, if you do not pass the 1/1/1 before shipping, according to your recruiter and contract, you cannot ship.


              4. In order to take the physical assessment at Reception you must get shipped which means you must pass the 1/1/1 your recruiter mentioned. The physical assessment at Reception is not the same assessment as the one run by your recruiting station (although it may consist of the same events).


              5. If you do make it to Reception at don't meet the physical standards there, you will stay at the FTU until you do. You cannot be shipped to basic until you meet the basic requirements. Your job will not be changed but the training dates for your BCT and AIT will change.


              6. MAKE SURE YOU ASK YOUR RECRUITER ABOUT THE 1/1/1 AGAIN!! Clarify that you have to meet the requirements before you leave! We can give you all the information we know but it may differ from what your recruiter is doing.


              7. Run your pants off. Run in the morning and in the evening. Do some speed training and some distance.

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                Jacksonmay: No. You need to pass the 1-1-1 test to ship - it's a basic Army requirement. You will also be administered the 1-1-1 test when you arrive at the reception battalion.


                The PT test minimum standards are 42 or+ pushups, 53 or+ situps, and 2 miles in 15:54 or less, which means basically 8:00 miles. If you can do 30 pushups and 40 situps, and your miles time is 12:00, you need to add 12 pushups, 13 situps, and subtract 4 minutes from your mile time.


                To pass your 1-1-1, you only need to subtract 3 and a half minutes from your mile time - and you only need to run 1 mile instead of 2. As I said, I would focus on that, and exceed it if possible. Studies have found that running more distance at less pace equals better performance. Running isn't about brute force or big muscles, it's about the ability to endure.


                Have you mentioned this issue to your recruiter? His job is to ship you out, so he'd better want to help you out.


                By the way, what's your MOS?




                Sorry, didn't see the SSG's comment. He's absolutely correct about everything. Sorry to duplicate you, Sergeant!

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                  I am going in as a 15T, Black Hawk mechanic.


                  Right now I am hitting the gym every day. I did half a mile in 5 minutes before I couldnt keep my breath up. I ran yesterday and did the same thing but I also got a cough after it so I think I am doing better. I am meeting with a personal trainer on Wednesday for the best results.

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                    Keep up the running! Don't let the personal trainer convince you to do anything else but eat healthy and run. Like jwertheim said, if you know you are deficient on the run, then focus just on the run. Good luck and let us know how everything goes.

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                      MAOakley ArmySoldier

                      There is a site called Cool Running. They have the best tips I have seen for a Novice runner. Check them out.


                      As Bravo074 said....do not let the trainer convence you to do anything else in lieu of running. The other workouts that they may give you will be great, but the only way to fully improve at running is by running. I won't give you a workout, but make sure you are incorporating speedwork into your runs(30/60's and 60/120's are great ways to start this). This will help you increase your speed in general by strengthening your legs and getting the right muscles used to an increased pace.


                      Unless they have changed it again, you may not do the 1-1-1 in Reception. When I went through in 2009, we did it our first weekend at our training company. NO BODY PASSED THE RUN! We had been getting smoked. They just used it to put us in our running groups, and nobody went to FTU. It is not to say that it has not been changed since then, but that's how it was. Definitely get clarification from your recruiter and keep running. You have a lot of time to improve before you ship out. 2 months is more than enough time if you use it wisely. Don't just run, but develop a good program to improve. There may be some great running clubs in your area with free coaches.

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                        I checked out that site but the starting point was for people with months of practice already.


                        As for the running, I am already improving. I Started sunday, I did a 5 minute half mile before my breathing got too heavy. My muscles are in great shape and I don't feel sore, its my cario/breathing that stops me.


                        However, Today I got up to 6.5 before I had to stop at 6 1/2 minutes. By the end of the week I hop to have a minimum of a 10 minute mile, and then work it down from there by increasing the speed.

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                          I'm a woman, 21 and a smoker, but I just did the 1:1:1 test yesterday (with DIs from the local DI Reserve station).


                          The requirements are 3 pushups, 17 situps and 10:30 for the 1 mile run.


                          My results: 20-something pushups, 33 situps, and 11:36 for the run (however, I was also in skate sneakers as I don't own running shoes.)


                          If I can do it, you can do it. I don't run on a regular basis (even though I should.) Just remember, don't shoot for the minimum. Go for the maximum. Do as many as you can. It is all mental. Your mind thinks you can't, your body however, has more stamina than your mind.


                          With the run, my SFC started running next to me about 3/4 of the way through. I was more motivated to try to keep up with him than I was of "Oh, ****, I can't breathe. My legs hurt. My stomach hurts. I can't do this." I was focusing on "Keep up with him. Left. Right. Left. Right." Then the end, I sprinted.


                          You can do it. Just work at it.


                          When you get to basic, it won't be one mile, won't be 1 minute. It'll be 2 mintues and 2 miles. You can do it. Push.         

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                            Do you have to pass the 1-1-1 to ship-out to BCT? I am worried I will not pass it.

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                              Don't focus on that,your recruiters should be working with you to get you to pass it prior to even shipping out. Once at Reception, if you cannot pass the 1-1-1  with the required scores then you will be sent to an FTU. You will lose your date and be delayed in training until you can complete the 1-1-1. Not passing is NOT an option. If you do not feel you can pass it now, call your recruiter on Monday and talk to them about it. All the recruits at our station in the FSP have passed the pre-BCT and are now working on their APFT for promotion. Talk to your recruiters. That is what they are there for. Good luck!