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    anybody know how to apply for BAH?


      I am single without dependents, and I am planning to rent a apartment to live (share with several friends).


      The officer tell me I can apply for BAH to cover the money I spend on housing when I ship to BCT.( the amount of money is fixed according to the Zip code)


      So what kind of documents should I hand in? Can I rent a a house in NY while I am a guard belongs to NJ?


      Thx for your answers.

        • 1. anybody know how to apply for BAH?

          you are not entitled to live outside the barracks unless you have dependents. If you are single, you MUST live in the barracks UNLESS you're an NCO or higher OR you get a Statement of Non-Availability. Those statements are not likely. If you're going to do the part-time Army, the rules will be different for you. I would then defer to Oakley and Sadat.

          • 2. anybody know how to apply for BAH?

            Thank you SGT Candelario


            While, actually is, I rent a house before I ship to basic training. Will army give me BAH to cover my rent payment ?( because I won't live there in the following several months)

            • 3. anybody know how to apply for BAH?

              Are you Reserves? If not, then no. Even if you were Active, no. The Army cares not that you have housing elsewhere, it's not their problem. Either ditch the house or budget yourself. I know it sounds like I'm coming down harsh on you, but that's the way it is.

              • 4. anybody know how to apply for BAH?

                Thanks SGT,


                Yes, at first I thought the BAH has nothing to do with me. While, today when I finished my drills, the officer there asked me to sign some papers for my ship. It is really weird when he asked me whether I have rent house outside, because I can gain almost extra $1400/m BAH when I was shipped to Basic Training. He also asked me to bring the room release to him ASAP.


                I am totally confused now~I will call the BAH POC tomorrow~


                Anyway, thanks for your answer!

                • 5. anybody know how to apply for BAH?

                  Yeah, talk to your NCO and Finance folks. See, I'm Active. The rules for BAH are THAT different. Yeah, while you're gone, you'll be drawing BAH because you'll be Title 10 at that point. Once you get back, you'll be Title 32...which means you get lesser benefit due to your "lesser" commitment.

                  • 6. anybody know how to apply for BAH?

                    Being Reserve you will rate BAH if you are mobilized and your period of active duty is outside of a reasonable driving range. I know the reasonable driving range use to be 50 miles as the crow flies, not sure what it is now. The BAH is to cover living expenses in your home of record, not your new duty location. If you are required to take up off base housing at your duty station you will be conisdered TAD and draw per diem. If you choose to live off base but they are telling you to live on, then you can draw BAH for your home of record (where you were mobilized), but you will have to pay out of pocket like the good sergeant said at your new duty location.


                    The only exception would be if they PCS'd, and then they will have to pay your moving expenses (this is extremely unlikely). I am a Marine so some things are different, but I use to work in reserve affairs, the law on BAH is the same in all branches of service. When you are mobilized (or recalled).


                    Let me know if any or all of this makes sense, if not shoot me a message or email me at [email address removed by filter due to AAS Policy] and I will do my best to clarify. I am very familar with this as I have had to sort this very thing out for 2 different infantry battalions.