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    Uncharacterized Discharge


      Okay, so I was talking with a recruiter and he was telling me that no branch would consider me because my is uncharacterized and not honorable.  Does you RE code mean nothing in these circumstances?

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          Your RE code matters but not as much as the Seperation Code.


          If its not waiveable then the recruiter can't do anything for you.


          It's become a lot more difficult to enlist and prior service is at the bottom of the barrel of recruiting priorities.


          And if you come with added baggage like an Uncharacterized Discharge, then that makes your chances almost none when it comes to recruiters willing to even give you the time of day.


          Good luck with your endeavors.

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            Pretty much. Your 214 has 4 parts of your discharge: RE Code, Characterization of Service, Separation Code, and Narrative Description of Discharge. If any of those four aren't in order, or if they don't jive, you're done. Particularly in your case: a dishonorable discharge has no chance of messing up the Army any more than they did the first time around.


            Thanks for the reminder, Sadat. Until your post, I had incomplete information.


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              You know it's all good! You've set me straight on more then a few of my post Sarge.

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                *high five*