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    Teacher looking to join Army Reserve


      Hello all!

      I am interested in joining the Army reserve. I am currently a teacher and would like to keep my teaching job but I have always wanted to serve my country. I have a bachelors degree and I am currently working on my masters degree. I am 28 years old. Am I too old?

      What would be some possible jobs that I could obtain in the Army Reserve? Pros & Cons? Also, How different are the reserves from Active Duty?

      Thanks to all! And Thank you to those who serve our great country.

        • 1. Teacher looking to join Army Reserve

          You are not too old, you can get any number of jobs in the Reserves, but not Infantry. The closest Combat MOS in Reserves is 12B, Combat Engineers, I think. I suggest you go in to your local recruiters and talk to them. They can even help you get into shape for BCT. They should hold PT about once a week.