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    Army Reserve & Animal Care Specialist Questions


      I am only fifteen, but I have been contemplating the Army for a few years now. Both my father and cousin served in the Army, as well as my grandfather in the Marines. I would love to serve my country, but I'm more interested in the Reserve for my family's sake and my own.


      Today, two soliders came to my highschool and talked to us about the Army, obviously. Of course, we ran out of time and they left before I could figure out and ask some questions. I've looked throughout the goarmy.com site at the careers and oppertunities the Army offers.


      So, to get the most out of this forum, I'd like to give some information on my plans, then ask my questions so members can fully understand what I'm asking.


      About Me:

      To start off, I love animals, and always have. I knew I would want to work with them even from a young age. When I first became interested in the Army, it was when an Animal Care Specialist helped rescue a camel calf out of a well, on a show I was watching. I never knew animal related opportunities existed in the Army and I immediately began my research. I looked at Active Duty, Reserve, the ROTC, and even the Military Academy. I am interested in being an Animal Care Specialist in the Army Reserve while I continue my education on becoming a vet.



      I'm aware that when in the Reserve, you can be 'activated' into active duty when needed, but I was wondering if Animal Care Specialists in the Reserve are needed alot and sent into active duty frequently? As of now, I don't really want Active Duty, especially when the choice is out of my control.


      If accepted into the ROTC, can I still be an Animal Care Specialist, even though it's officer training but says it's not an officer job? And, even if after I finish my education I become an Army Reserve vet?


      If not accepted into the ROTC, can the Reserve still help pay for college?


      What is the mandatory service time for an Animal Care Specialist in the Reserve?


      Is the HSPS Scholarship only for Active Duty, or is it available in the Reserves?


      If in the Reserve, will they send you to active duty even if you are currently in college, interrupting education? Depending on your answer, would it depend if the Army is or is not paying for your current education?

      As of now, I think that is all the questions that concern me.

      Any answers would be greatly appreciated!


      Thank you for your time.