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    RE4 Discharge Code


      I was discharged through a med board with an honorable discharge, but with an RE4 code. I wasn't given the chance to appeal my case before they sent me home from Germany.  I have been told that it is possible to get my code upgraded to make me eligible for reenlistment with a waiver. I was discharged for symptoms to an injury they couldn't find, the doctors gave up and discharge me. Does anyone have any ideas or advice on how to change my code so that I can go talk to a recruiter?

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          Its very raer and usually only changed if they made a mistake and as you can probably guess, they are VERY reluctant to admit they made a mistake.


          You're facing a serious and long uphill battle.the best you can expect is that you're very lucky to get it changed which honestly isn't likely and the most you can expect as prior service is the reserves.


          Be ready for a long hard road.


          Good luck and thanks for reconsidering our Army

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            if it was an RE4 from the Army and you have proof that they couldn't find anything and your discharge as based on a false pretense then you can get it changed. I was discharged from the Navy because I was stupid and let me finances get out of control. They nailed me with a General Under Honorable RE4 Pattern of Misconduct. It took me 4 years to get it upgraded to Fully Honorable but they kept the misconduct and RE4 because of my debts issue while serving even though I have since taken care of that stuff. RE codes are not easy to change as I have been at it for almost 5 years even with the personal help of my congressman. He has wrote a few personal letters on my behalf and still no go. I was however, able to show the Army a table that I had aqcuired from an Army Liason and an email showing that my RE4 GKA is the same as the Army's RE3 JKA. I sent that information to USAREC directly as my local recruiter I had been working with stated they wanted to know if I was Army and was let go for the same stuff what RE SPD would I have received. Usually USAREC contacts you back saying sorry fool not gonna happen lol ( happened last year after my upgrade ).......but instead they contacted my local recruiter and told them to get me in the station and process me and if I have a meritorious post conduct service record I am in.

            Any how I know I rambled on but I have dealt with the Board, mind you the Navy Marine Corps board are super tough, and it is a battle. But as you stated they couldn't find anything so get your medical records and see if that was the case. Type up a letter with supporting documentation and get a civilian doctor to back it up. That should help.

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              Patterns of Misconduct? Hold your breath if you wanna...

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                hold my breath for what? lol I have approval to join have a meeting with the reserve LT COL on the 10th with his approval I am in, CPT already approved me today. I was discharged for finances and I have never had a criminal record which is why they are processing me because Since 07 I have had no debts therefore I have taken care of the issue of what I was discharged for.

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                  Well then, good luck to ya! See ya in Afghanistan!

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                    sounds good . Might be a while after BCT being I needed a waiver to get in I have to wait until AIT then I am off to OCS for my butter bar. Can't go OCS if you need a waiver so I have abit before the stan.

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                      My discharge was for medical reasons. They discharged me based on the symptoms of an injury that they couldn't even find. I've been out for just short of a year and STILL haven't been diagnosed with an actual injury. My symptoms that I was let out for are pretty much gone and I haven't taken any of the prescription drugs that they gave me. All I've done is some physical therapy sessions and a lot of personal PT. If and I know that it's a big IF, I can get my RE 4 upgraded, I don't mind going Reserves for a while. I'm just not sure where to start. If anyone has any information for me that would be great.

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                        Because of your Avatar I am guessing you were Army. That being said I think your only choice is the route of working with the board of corrections. If they couldn't find anything, request a freedom of information act to obtain those papers. Once that information comes back negative there is your leverage to the board. In your request state that you were discharged for med reasons, obviously go into more detail than that, and request that the doctors told you the they couldn't find anything but still discharged you. If FOIA cannot recover those files get your medical records and look in those to see if there is something showing that they couldn't find anything. Once you have all of that done, go to a civilian doctor and get them to screen you, and if they come up negative I think you will have a massively strong case to get the Army Board to reconsider the RE4. You are an Honorable discharged Veteran so that helps when dealing with the board, trust me I dealt with the Navy board for over 4 years, it is tough but I flooded them with information to prove my case for my General and it was upgraded. Also toss in what you have done since your release such as, driving record history, police report sheets, financial statements showing stability, community service stuff, letters of references, if married put your marriage certs in there and child records, stuff like that. That is what I did and was successful, mind you the Navy upgrade rate is a 1% success, this came from the mouth of the attorneys from the board of which my congressman spoke to so I was lucky. Your case seems to be an easy one if you follow the steps I provided above. If they cannot produce any medical documentation proving your discharge, then they have no basis to give you an RE4.


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                        If you are located in California let me know because I have contacts with congress around here, and not just a liason, I have another meeting with the director and the congressman himself coming up the first week in January, after this holiday routine is over.

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                          The doctor told me i probably got injured in Iraq and didn't realize that it was that bad until later, but I was being seen for the problem prior to deployment. Basically the only thing that ever happened was A LOT of different medications. I wasn't even sent to physical therapy until the month before i got discharged and they only referred me for three 30 minute long appointments. Anymore advice that anyone might have would be great.

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                            lol dude I just gave you a ton of advice you can't enlist with an RE4 from the Army. If you were in another branch you would be good to go probably. If there isn't any medical history and they said they can't figure it out get the papers and send it to the board. I don't know what advice you are trying to seek but I just posted information that took me 4 years from my own doings to help you and to save you time, I don't know how much more advice or information you can get. Sounds like you have a good case against them to get it changed but its gonna take time just get your med records and do the  FOIA thing i sent and if there is no proof of an issue in your records you are good to go.

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                              you can go to [address removed by filter due to AAS Policy] for information on RE Code corrections.