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    Can I join the Army with a GED?


      I am in the process of getting my GED and the whole reason for getting my GED is to join the Army. I was told by a friend that the Army only takes people with a GED from certain areas, and that if I wasn't in one of those areas that I had to have 15 college credits. I was just wondering if that was true? And if it is i was just wondering if i can get in any other branch of the millitary with just a GED? But I really want to join the Army not any thing else. And if I was to have to get the 15 college credits does it matter what classes they are? I just really want to join the Army and I am just trying to figure out the fastest way to get in. So if any one could help me with this info it would help me out alot and I hope I can get in with just a GED. Thanks to any one that helps!!!

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          hey im not a pro at answering or anthing considering i prety much asked the same question yesterday, but just to say something I have a GED and was told that i need 15 college credits.. Another thing im almost 21 and i called my local adult learning center yesterday and was told that im able to take a class called the Adult High School Diploma program, it takes anyweres between a couple to few months depending on how bad you wanna get it done. thats for ppl 21 and up, then theres the high school completion classes 18-21.. good luck

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            Thanks alot man I am going to call a recruiter Monday and figure out every thing I can do. I will look into that Adult High School Diploma program, because I am 24. So that might be a good idea for me. Thanks again!!