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    help with my son


      I am a single parent with a seventeen year old son i have been raising alone foe eleven years my son wanted to be in the service he has been in the rotc for four years he is being put out for lack of participation he is in 12th grade he is suppose to graduate this year not looking good he has been doing well til now  there is no real male role model in his life his father has not participated in his life since he was six.  my son has potential just loosing focus can you give me any suggestions  please help desperate  is there a program or even an army mentor type program

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          If he is doing JROTC in high school and REALLY wants to join the service, tell him he can not join until he graduates. If he does not believe you bring him to a recruiter. If you saying that does not kick him into high gear then I do not know what will. I was the kid in high school that just skated by and hated being there. Never got into trouble, school was just not my thing. Well senior year rolled around and it was looking worse and worse for me. I realized that if I did not graduate I would not be able to ship off to training...Guess what, I was a straight A student my senior year. If he wants it he will earn it, or he will learn the hard way. He will regret not walking at his graduation ceremony with his friends, I always thought that the whole ceremony was stupid and would not mind just having my diploma mailed to me, but I was wrong and it was a good experience. Let him read this.

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            Ih he doesn't straighten up after talking to a recruiter try to find an in-house drill sgt that will come yell and him and give him some life speeches and what not. I'm not sure where you can find one though just search around on the internet

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              If he doesn't graduate, he cannot enlist until after he earns a GED. With the current Accessions/Retention climate, if he gets a GED, he cannot enlist without 15 credit hours of college courses that apply to some sort of degree from an accreditated post-secondary school such as a community college or university. Also tell him that the Army can, and has, discharged people for Inefficiency, that is: lazy, incompetent, inept, refusing to progress or develop. We don't want bumps on a log. We want only the go-getters and the behavior he's showing you will get him either Failure to Adapt, Inefficiency, or Patterns of Misconduct discharges. All of those discharges are, at best, General Under Honorable Conditions...which entitle him to very little.