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    Penicillin Shot


      I know everyone keeps saying that the shot in the **** is painful. But, in all honesty does it hurt that bad? Im not talking about the soreness afterwards. That I can tolerate, to me im nervous about the actual injection.

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          It's excruciating. I've heard the pain is comparable to being "crucified on an electric chair."

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            MAOakley ArmySoldier

            It's not bad at all. It's a pretty sharp pinch when they inject and it burns a bit as they put it in, but I personally think that getting a shot in the mouth for dental work is worse....as far as the injection goes. The soreness afterwards isn't that bad. It's like a very localized, overworked muscle...except that you may have a knot until the meds work their way into your body. It can be tender if you sit wrong or bump something. It's one of the few shots you should probably rub so that they meds are absorbed faster.

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              Ok I feel that your answer is more accurate than that of the one above you.. so it pretty much feels like any other shot just a tad bit worse?