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    104 GT score for WOFT




      According to every website that offers information on the warrant officer flight training it explains the GT score must be 110 min. My recruiter mentioned that since I got 104 in the GT its not necessary to take the test again, That once you are enlisted it can be waiverable with a score of 104. How true is that?? I was reading some forums online and I cant find related info to waiver ASVAB scores. I hope not to call my recruiter a professional liar, since I know they have to enlist based on metrics, I just dont want to be the guy who he deceived in order to complete his quote, cause this is my future and my familie's.


      Thanks for the assistance




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        • 1. 104 GT score for WOFT
          MAOakley ArmySoldier

          There are no waivers for the 110 GT score requirement. You would have to raise you score to apply for WOFT.

          • 2. 104 GT score for WOFT

            Your family's life is safe. What you can do, after reporting to your first duty station, is enroll in the BSEP class. At the end of that class, which is offered by and at the Education Center on-post, you will be given the chance to retake the ASVAB. You become ineligible to retake the ASVAB once you achieve 110 GT or higher. Some other line scores are, indeed, waiverable, but not for 6 points and certainly not for the GT. You're good, you just gotta wait to do WOFT, which is just fine because you now get additional time to study the AFAST and get the reccommendations for WOCS and WOFT that you need. Good luck. See ya in the hangar.