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    Length of BCT and AIT for 68W


      Can anyone give me an idea of what my total bct and ait time will be? I'm a middle school teacher and I'm trying to find the best time to go (if possible). I want to give my administrators enough time to make preparations for my absence and still be able to prepare my students for their state tests in the spring. I know I won't get the full benefits until after I go through training.

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          MAOakley ArmySoldier

          Figure 11 weeks for BCT...1 week for reception and 10 weeks for BCT.


          68W AIT is 16 weeks long, but you have have some hold-under time....which could increase the length by a week or so.


          You may be able to utilize split-option program even though it is primarily for students. A recruiter could probably answer that one better.

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            Thanks for the info MAOakley. Any suggestions on how I can get N1 specialization?

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              MAOakley ArmySoldier

              It would be up to your unit to send you. If you find a Hospital unit, it would increase your chances. I know that the local Hospital unit has most of the ASI's that a 68W can have and send people to these schools regularly.

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                MAOakley, I need to pick your brain again. I've been going back and forth between the intel or medical MOS. Right now I have 35G reserved for me, but I would PREFER a 68 class if it's available. Can I negotiate that at MEPS tomorrow? Or should I go through my recruiter first? I feel like my recruiter wants me to go intel and I'm not in the mood to go back and forth on it. Initially, she was showing me different job opportunities within 68 class, but I think she wanted me to get something reserved quick so I could take care of swearing in and everything before my teaching started.

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                  My recruiter had locked me into the 21Y Geospatial Engineer MOS so that he could lock me into one to go to MEPS back in June.  It seemed like an interesting MOS that can serve you well on the civilian side, but as I researched it more, it just didn't seem right for me.  My husband is in the Army and advised me to NOT sign anything and I mean anything, unless it was something I absolutely wanted.  If I wasn't able to get any of the MOS's I had on my list of choices that specific day at MEPS, I was going to walk out and go back another day.  If you really feel that you want a 68 series, stick to your guns.  I took my oath in June as I told you on another one of your posts, and am also a teacher....we just started back today with inservices, and I let my prinicpal know last Monday as well as my Fine Arts Director.  I leave to BCT in January, so that gives them PLENTY of time to find a replacement, but at the same time, even though I'm in the delayed entry program, I am still covered by the USERRA law, as you would be too.  If joining the Army is your dream as it was mine, then go for it.  I love my students and what I do, but with all the Texas budget cuts and teaching jobs getting cut (mine is one at the end of this school year), I find that a music degree is not going to get me much farther in life anymore and need something to further my abilities, challenge myself, and gain new skills, which the Army can help me with that.  I had to put myself first before the students in my case.  Sure, I'll be taking a pay cut and what not, but to me it will be worth it in the long run.  You don't want to wait too long either as you never know when the 68 series MOS will open up.  I was lucky I was able to get 68X on the day I went, but it was because my career counselor made a phone call when it wasn't popping up on his computer as being available.  With 68 series, they seem to pick more people who have college degrees as well because they asked if I did.  Good luck to you and hope you get what you want.  Don't give up!

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                    I'm almost in the identical situation you are/were. My wife and I got laid off in March then rehired in the summer. I don't want to leave things to the education field to support my life and my family. I have always wanted to pursue the medical field and I am only 16 months away from getting my RN but I can't afford to quit and go full time in college right now. I need the training and the benefits that the military can provide in the long run.