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    68w requirements


      Hi, I am a 15 year old girl, soon to be 16, who is interested in becoming a combat medic. I was really just wondering about the body requirements to fill this postion. I plan on enlisting at the beginning on my junior year, which will be next year. So I have about a years time to try to meet the requirements, but what are the height and weight requirements? Strength requirements? Thanks in advance!

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          I'm also looking into 68W. As far as I know, the only physical requirements are the overall basics for the Army. Have to be an acceptable weight for your height, and have to be able to pass all the physical testing requirements.

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            That's what I thought but just checking!

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              Good luck to both of u ... and e-mail me if u should have any more questions [email address removed by filter due to AAS Policy]

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                Army Regulation 600-9 outlines the height and weight requirements for males and females.  I did not find any documentation that states not meeting the requirements makes it impossible to enlist, but I would assume that these modest requirements are adhered to for application of enlistment.


                The height/weight chart begins at 58" and the minimum weight is 91 lbs for females.  A very short summary of additional weight requirements:


                59" - Minimum 94lbs, Maximum 124lbs

                60" - 97-128lbs

                61" - 100 - 132lbs

                62" - 104 - 136lbs

                63" - 107 - 141lbs

                64" - 110 - 145lbs

                65" - 114 - 150lbs

                66" - 117 - 155lbs

                67" - 121 - 159lbs


                For "strength" requirements, just so you know, the Army is in the process of transitioning to a new "Army Physical Readiness Test" from the old "Army Physical Fitness Test".  It is unknown when it will affect the Basic Combat Training environment, and to my knowledge the score-ranges haven't been fully developed or released.  So the traditional "APFT" MINIMUM requirements are as follows:


                Females Age 17-21-


                2 min. Push-ups: 19

                2 min. Sit-ups:  53

                2-mile Run: 18:54


                These marks are for the minimum "60" score in each event that the Army holds its force to.  A recruiter can give you information if the Army will recruit Soldiers that are under these marks.