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    Failing at MEPS


      I ran into an unfortunate situation where I failed a drug urinalysis at meps. They sent me a letter stating I would have 45 days til I could test again but I know the army isn't giving waivers at this time. I really have quit smoking and it was just unfortunate that I failed. I figured my system would be clean by the time I took the test but I was wrong. I dont want to be judged or told a lesson or anything because I have learned from my mistake. I just want to know the chances the Army will be doing waivers in the future and if I stand any chance still joining the army.

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          Honestly if I were you, I would definately be working on that backup plan.


          Its one thing to admit to your recruiter to smoking pot but its an entirely different beast to go down to MEPS and pop positive on a test you knew they were going to take.


          That letter is basically a form letter but it has no bearing whatsoever on the Army working with you again.


          I would suggest waiting out your 45 days and going back and speak with another recruiter. Just know that there's no guarantee they'll work with you.


          Good luck and thanks for considering our Army

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            Thank I appreciate the advice

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              Didn't you take a urinalysis at your recruiters station before you went to the hotel? Most recruiters make you do that.

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                No I didnt. I kinda expected to do so but my recruiter was real withdrawn and was quiet. I wish I wouldve had a recruiter who was a lot more active and real

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                  Don't put this on other people.  You knew you smoked.  I recommend you take Sadatn2k's advice.  Good luck man, it sucks to try and turn your life around and have your plans backfire, but always live your mistakes.  It's the only way to learn from them.

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                    While that was incredibly stupid, don't give up just yet. I'm not positive on any of this but I'm pretty sure they're not accepting waivers for *possession* .... You just peed hot for weed. Talk to your recruiter, own up to your mistake, and ask him if there is anything you can do. Good Luck.

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                      Im not putting it on anybidy else. Fact is I let my recruiter know I had smoked and I wasnt sure if I would pass yet. He said with the time between me smoking and then, I should be cool. I have owned up to my mistakes, and want to hopefully get the chance to still join the army. Dont really need negative advice at this point cuz it wont get anywhere only positive advice. Thanks tho

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                        He gave you a soldiers advice. Get use to "negative advice" as you will get a lot of it in BCT. There will be no room for excuses at BCT or in the Army at all for that matter. But as everyone else said, contact your recruiter, own up, and ask him what can be done. And Good Luck.

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                          Yeah that is true. Gotta accept the negative just as the positive. I will definetly talk to my recruiter and see what can be done. Thanks for all the advice