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    Officer Joining Reserves (TPU) After IRR




      I was commissioned and served 6 years active duty as a 21A Engineer Officer before separating in 2008 as a CPT. My IRR portion of my ISO ended in 2010, and I have not resigned my commission. I am contemplating possibly joining the Army Reserves, but I have several questions which I was I need more info on. My questions are listed below.


      1) Since I have already completed my initial service obligation, is there a standard commitment period I would have to sign up for (3 years, 6 years, etc) or would it be up to me?


      2) Upon joining the Reserves, would I be able to go straight to a unit, or is there some form of refresher training or BOLC I would need to complete?


      3) What is the OPTEMPO like for a typical reservist, and how often do deployments come up?


      4) If I were to join a TPU would the 2-year stabilization policy apply to me in my case?


      5) How would being in the Reserves effect any current VA disability compensation I receive?


      6) Would I be eligible for any type of bonuses for joining the Reserves, specifically would the $10,000 afiliation bonus apply in my case?


      Any information you can provide is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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          Will try to answer your questions as best as I can.


          1. It could be in year increments, your best option is to get a hold of your branch as they will be the ones to assign you to a unit.

          2. In your case you are fully qualified and could go right to a unit.

          3. Reserve units normally go in a 5 year cycle until deployment if called to do so, the total time training and boots on ground could be up to 18 months.

          4. I do not know how that will work for seeing how you are a Officer.

          5. You would be pro-rated for the amount you spend it the Reserve, etc., week-end drills, 2 weeks annual training.

          6. I do not know about that either but when you get a hold of your Branch they can get you the details about bonuses if any at all.


          Thank you for considering our Army Reserve..................

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            MAOakley ArmySoldier

            1. Sir, I would recommend reaching out to a Reserve Career counsellor or HRC regarding this. I would start here:

            [address removed by filter due to AAS Policy]


            2. There are a lot of Engineer assets in the Reserves, and there are non-branch specific slots (many of which are O-3 slots), so you would probably be safe from additional training. If you wanted additional training, you may be able to request it. I am not sure how the "dark side" works!


            3. Depends a lot on unit. Psyops and CA have a higher optempo. Generically speaking...they are working on a 5 year/1 year rotation for most units. This means 5 home, 1 deployed or activated. It's pretty true in my Command and many others.


            4. Not sure, but #1 may also be able to answer.


            5. Not exactly sure. Mr Voeltner is greatly accurate and that sounds right. Double check with whomever can work your packet based on #1.


            6. See #1. Guidance changes daily. I just completed my ODC board, and I signed a form stating that I would recieve it IF HRC vets my packet.


            Sir, do you still have AKO? If not, if you send me a friend request on here with your personal e-mail...I can pass it on to the TPU Branch Manager for the Engineer Branch(he is my former Company CO) and ask him to reach out to you. He is a great resource. If I have your AKO, I would go AKO to AKO to pass his information on to you.


            Good luck and Essayons!