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    Will IBS disqualify me?


      Hi, I am a junior in high school, and have started the process of applying for the army. I am planning on becoming a Mental Health Specialist in the Army Reserves, however that all depends. I have a history of IBS. However when i was younger the symptoms were controlled with medication. Two years has passed since then and i have been medication free for those two years. I am wondering that if having a history of IBS will disqualify me for the Army Reserves when i go to MEPS for my physical screening.


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        • 1. Will IBS disqualify me?



          Please understand that we are not the approval or disapproval authority for your question. If you had a Medical condition in the past and you're not sure if you would qualify, your Local Army Recruiter can submit your entire medical records, charts, x-rays, and whatever exists for that injury or condition for review by the Chief Medical Officer. The outcome could be that you're qualified, require an additional evaluation which would be set up by the Army, not qualified waiver recommended, or not eligible for enlistment.  We wish you the very best of luck.


          Thank you very much for considering our Army Reserve........................