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    ASVAB AFQT and Intelligence MOS


      I've tooken the asvab and have a AFQT of 40


      And my line scores are:


      GT: 92


      CO: 94

      EL: 94

      FA: 95

      GM: 92


      OF: 92

      SC: 96

      ST: 94


      And first I want to know if anyone knows the website link that recruiters go to to enter your line scores and show you a list of jobs you qualify for


      Also I wanted to know i read that theres a chance that at MEPS if you are 1 point off from a job you can try to convince them to waive that 1 point for instance i want to do a intelligence job which i looked at.

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          think your ST might be a bit low.  A quick google search found some old requirements for the MOS which all were ST>=95 and ST>=95+SC>=95 for others.  I have no idea about waivers for ASVAB scores, but I'm betting chances aren't great...

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            I will start out by saying that I don't know what the current policy is on waivers. I am answering this question to the best of my ability because I went through the 35F course last year and there were a few soldiers in our class who had ASVAB waivers.


            The issue is not whether or not you *can* get a waiver, but that intelligence school is very intellectually challenging. The reason that the MOS requires a high ST score is because the work itself requires what the ST measures: paragraph comprehension (there is a TON of research, and a lot of it is technical, boring, and written like textbooks), vocabulary (the job involves writing research papers and slideshows), mechanical aptitude (you need to be able to visualize second- and third-order effects), and math skills. You also need critical thought, attention to detail, and deductive reasoning, and those are qualities typically found in people who would score well in the ST subtests.


            If you require a waiver for your ST score, you will very likely have a tough time at AIT, and you might be frustrated at the expectations heaped upon you once you get to your unit.


            I'm not saying that you can't do it. One of my battle buddies made it through with a 41 AFQT and a waiver for a 92 ST but he was a whiz at spell-check and wasn't above asking for help. He proved himself in BCT as a solid guy who you could count on, so lots of us put a hand out to him when he asked for it in AIT. He also possessed truckloads of common sense.


            If you really want to do this, then go for it. Don't let me discourage you. Just be ready to work harder than the soldier next to you.

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              Thanks for the information.


              That helped and i found the first question out earlier about the website


              I understand what you are saying completely. And yes I am very good with paragraph comprehension and everything i jus hated reading information that was boring to me but yeh i got recognized for some papers i wrote last semester in college which i wrote and self corrected a 7 paragraph essay in 30 min an received the class second highest score and the most complex essay.


              I personally am a whiz with spell check also (right now i kno half of the words arent spelled corrected cus im quick typing this) but i believe i can do it.


              But i also i was looking for a MOS in the communications field close to my major since im taking classes in the computer IT field i looked at the 25B  Information System Operator but i may choose that later on on re-enlistment


              but thanks again.