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    101st Airborne


      Exactly who are the 101st Airborne and what do they do? How can someone become a part of them? What are the requirements, and/or training needed? Are only specific MOSs accepted? Any answers provided are greatly appreciated.

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          Google...amazing what two seconds of research can get you.

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            yea its a little hard to explain because there are so many brigades and battalions and companies affiliated with the 101st airborne division.  just 101st airborne and the first link should take you to the fort campbell website and show what the 101st is about.  im proud to be wearing a screaming eagle on my shoulder.

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              I thought the 101st was Air Assualt now?

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                no its the 101st airborne division.  being air assault doesnt really have much to do with the name of the division.  im nothing right now but a regular mp, ill probably go to air assault school because my unit wants me to but even when i do that ill still be in the 101st airborne division.

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                  MAOakley ArmySoldier

                  "Screaming Eagle

                  Patch on my shoulder.

                  Pick up your ruck and follow me

                  Air Assault Infantry"


                  Sorry...couldn't resist. I was singing that part of that cadence the entire time i read this.

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                    the 101st is to large an orginization to say it "is" one thing, they have everything from mp's to paratroopers to cooks and logisticians

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                      Codyx1 could I be in the 101st as an MP but not be in Air Assault?


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                        JKD05 ArmySoldier

                        Yes, there are a lot of people in the 101st that are not air assault qualified. What people don't understand is the 101st Airborne Division (which is primarily air assault), just like the 82nd Airborne Division (which is primarily airborne) is just a unit like any other. They are divisions, which are comprised of brigade combat teams (BCTs) that have everything from infantrymen and medics to journalists and geospatial engineers and most everything in between with a few exceptions.


                        For example, the 1st Armored Division doesn't just have tankers, the 1st Infantry Division doesn't just have infantrymen, and so on. The 10th Mountain Divison started out as a unit of soldiers that were in essence "ski borne" for operations in Europe during WWII, but obviously they have since dropped the skis and kept the name, just like the soldiers of the 1st Cavalry Division don't actually ride horses as the name implies.


                        You find tradition in the Army is huge, and every division in the Army has a proud history of contributions to the United States military. The missions change but the names often stay the same as a sort of "tip of the hat" to the soldiers that came before and served in those units.

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                          I'm stationed in 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) at Fort Campbell, KY. (for all those doubters, PM me and I'll send you my AKO.) There are roughly 30,000 Soldiers here in Division. This isn't a Special Operations unit at all, so anybody can be here.


                          The designation of Airborne is more traditional than active. This place has been designated as Airborne, so it's Airborne. Whether there are any active jump slots or not (which there are...). Once upon a time, it was a requirement to be Air Assault in 101st, just like it was a requirement to be Airborne in 82nd Airborne, 173rd Airborne, and 25th Infantry. Now...not so much. It was required to be AASLT if you wanted a 3- or 4-day pass, to attend any other military schools, college classes, go to the competition or promotion boards, receive any awards, or be talked to by their leadership.


                          To be "in" Air Assault is about as archaic as saying "be in the Airborne" (thanks, Band of Brothers...) (interesting note: the unit in Band of Brothers? They're back here at Campbell. 4th Brigade-506th Infantry Regiment Currahee). You can volunteer to go to The Sabulaski Air Assault School if you so desire, although I believe it should be a requirement as assignment to Division, just as it once was. Yes, you can be a cop here in Division and be Non-Assault. Though, as part of today's retention and promotion environments, it would best suit you to be Air Assault.


                          The hardest thing about being Air Assault? The school. The hardest things about the school? Being short. Why? There's something called The Confidence Climb. Look it up. The other hard part of TSAAS? The final road march. 12 miles is a [female dog] to just about anyone. How do I know this? I'm 5'2"-ish and am AASLT and ABN...among other things. If you have heart and WANT something, you'll get it. Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right. Go get them wings, Air Assault.

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                            and I forgot to tell you what we do. Conventional (White) Operations in defense of our nation, our nation's interests, and world wide freedom and stability...or something like that. The mission statement for 101st ABN DIV (AASLT) is on the FCKY website. When you google search, you're lookin for the domain .army.mil.


                            Did I answer all of your questions, Soldier?

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                              Thank you so much!

                              When I go to the recruiter do I tell them I wan't to be in the 101st?

                              Can you pick your division or do you get assigned it?

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                                JKD05 ArmySoldier

                                No, you can not pick a division. You may not even be assigned to a division as an MP. You could very likely be assigned to an MP company. About the best you can hope to do is request to be stationed at Fort Campbell when they ask you in BCT where you would like to be stationed, but your recruiter can't guarantee that: no one can. And also, if you DO get stationed at Fort Campbell, there's still no guarantee it would be as a soldier in the 101st. In fact, as an MP, you'd most likely end up in the 716th Military Police Battalion.

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                                  The 716th MP BN is organic to 101st ABN DIV (AASLT), however the rest of your answer is correct. The Recruiter cannot guarantee where your first duty station will be. Needs of the Army dictate that, and DA will decide that within the last month or two of your AIT. You can ask all you like, but there's no guarantee. Talking to your branch manager would HELP you get to where you wanna be, but there's no way to tell for sure.

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                                    I think I saw it in this thread: just as trivia, here's the breakdown of the chain of command for a typical division:


                                    Commander In Chief (CinC/PotUS)

                                    Vice President (VP)

                                    Secretary of State (SecState)

                                    Secretary of Defense (SecDef)

                                    Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS)

                                    Department of the Army (DA)

                                    Major Command (MACOM)


                                    Division (DIV)

                                    Brigade (BDE)

                                    Battalion (BN)
                                    Company (CO)
                                    Platoon (PLT)

                                    Squad (SQD)



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