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Apr 1, 2011
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Apr 1, 2011 4:17 PM

I weigh 210 lbs. How much weight do I need to lose to join the Army?

Im having a real issues losing weight. I lift weights and do cardio almost every single day. I'm on a dietary plan my recruiter gave me but i've been on it for almost 2 months and i'm seeing no results. The weight don't go down or gain it just stays on 210lbs. What can I do?

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    Feb 9, 2011

    How tall are you? What measurements have your tape tests come back with? Body fat percent? I was at the same weight and dropped 10lbs over the last week or so. Water is huge. Drink lots of it. No soda or anything. If I want snack I go for oranges and for lunch I eat salad. Don't eat too late. Remember that as you build muscle (lifting weights) you aren't going to lose weight. Some more specific info,when you have time, might help with suggestions

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    Feb 9, 2011

    I'm 5'6" so I'm in the same boat. I'm currently at 26% body fat (17 inch neck 40 inch waist). There are lots of things to stay away from: milk bread meats and so forth. Stick with chicken, water, and greens. Work on eating earlier. What type of exercises are you doing.

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    Feb 4, 2011

    You should go to a Natural Suplements store, or get in contact with a trainer at a GYM. Not everybody loose weight the same way or at the same speed. Two months is too much time without results.

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    Apr 1, 2011

    well fenderkid435 im 6'2" and 275 lbs. and most of it is muscle but yea they told me to drop 40  to 50 lbs and its a pain in the ***. so im in the same boat but im following my own work out plan where i run a treadmill for a hour to two hours and then do some endurence trianing but as mlindg4m3 says you should try to stick to a leafy and polutry filled diet it will help

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    Feb 9, 2011

    I would work more on Cardio and abs. Run then run some more. Work on sprints and mix it in with distance. Although most recruiters won't recommend it, I've been running with a trash bag on or shrink wrap. Drink lots of water, all day long. Again don't forget that as you turn fat into muscle you will GAIN weight.

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    Mar 26, 2011

    As long as you pass the tape test, don't worry about weight. ****, I'm 5' 10" and 220lbs but I have a 16.5" neck and a 39" waist. Weight means nothing, its the tape that you must fear if you are a bit gooey.

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    Feb 25, 2011

    +1 The only reason your weight matters is because it determines if you are over or under the max and min weight for your height. If you are outside that range, then you need to be taped and fall under the max body fat %. Here's a website you can use to determine if you good to go: . Hope that helps

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    Apr 11, 2011

    5'11'', 208 lbs.  I think I need to be 185?  something along those lines..Interval training is the best way to lose excess fat.  And as far as your weight training is concerned.  High weight low reps will make you build mass thus gain weight.  low weight high reps will actually tone your body while gaining minimum mass.

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    Dec 26, 2010

    What I do is stay on a 1,200 calorie diet everyday and I have 5 small meals a day and I drink 

    alot of WATER NO SODA and I go to the gym everyday for 2 hours. Stay away from candy and things you know isn't healthy and you should be good. But you can't just do this for a week and then stop it has to be everyday of the week...And I know it will work because before I started doing this I was 253 and in just 1 month and 3 weeks I am 230 so it's working.

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    Nov 26, 2010

    I posted about something similar on another thread, so I will repost much of what I said here and change it up to fit your situation.


    I'm not going to comment on your personal health since you have made the first step in finding out what you need to do and I would think others would pay you the same respect.


    First,  talking straight numbers, at your current height of 65", the acceptable weight range is 114-155 lbs for someone age 17-20. The maximum acceptable body fat% is 20%. I'm assuming that you are planning on enlisting somewhere in there. If you wanted to to do college later, than no harm, since as you get older the maximum weight increases. So you really need to lose around 60 lbs. Honestly, you will probably grow since you are still in school and most men grow until their late teens/early 20s, so your acceptable weight range may increase, but only time will tell.


    As far as diet goes, you've already mentioned that you stay away from soda and junk food, which is good. There is always room to improve. Try to have more frequent small meals, so 4-5 small meals instead of 3 big ones. This will make your body utilize its metabolic processes more efficiently and to fuel this drink WATER!! Keep continuously flushing your system.


    With exercise, it is a little trickier, but nothing impossible. The problem with exercise is that people usually don't realize that quality matters more than quantity. So, there's no point in running two miles if you're not pushing yourself! With running especially, it's good to get somebody at a higher fitness level than you that you can run with. This way you have someone pushing you. Also, never run on treadmills or indoor tracks, they are bad for your knees and ankles over time and since they are regulated surfaces, they take away many of the variables your body compensates for outside that actuallly make you work more. But it is key that you do much cardio! Your body will adjust to what you are doing. So run, bike, and swim. Your body will shed weight to become more efficient. You need to really cut back on lifting. If you are doing power workouts then your body will stay big to compensate for that. Get more into body weight exercises so that your body switches into a high endurance and high stamina mode, so get push ups, sit ups, dips, and anything else that uses just your body weight into your daily routine. What I would do is make myself do 20 push ups everytime I wanted to go to the bathroom, sleep, or eat. It really adds up! On top of cardio, do anything that will work your core. Back extensions, sit ups, russian twists, mountain climbers, flutter kicks.



    Beyond working out, make yourself work a little harder during the day. Get away from elevators and escalators. If you are within 2 miles of school, walk instead of the bus or getting a ride. Sleep healthier. I can't stress enough that it is really easy to burn yourself out so DO NOT overdo it. You have plenty of time, just be smart with food and exercise. Make your workouts high quality before you increase distances and reps. Start with 1 GOOD mile and then increase to 2 until you're doing well, then 2. You have a couple years, so you are in a good position if you start now.


    To sum it up, eat smaller meals more frequently. Eat Healthy. Run more, lift less. Sleep more. Add small workouts throughout your daily routine.


    If you need anymore advice or have questions, feel free to PM me!


    P.S. Here's a link to Army Regulation 600-9 in .pdf format. It's the AR for The Army Weight Control Program. This is where I got the numbers from for the standards, if you are curious about the regulations. If you browse around the web, there are Field Manuals full of workouts and whatnot. The weight/height table is on page 10 fo the .pdf document.



    Good luck and thank you for considering the Army!

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    Apr 25, 2011

    I am 5'8'', I'm not sure on neck span, but I have a 38" waist. I would estimate approximately 16-18" neck. Would that still be okay to enlist with?

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    Jun 23, 2011


         I've tried the same thing and started being 224 lbs. and I've got down to 167 lbs... I haven't been jogging for alond time and I'm starting again, but I jog .5 miles and then speed walk the rest.  I can say that every week I push myself to do a quater of a mile more, but my size and my weight has not changed in the past 2 months.  My diet is just eating greens and chicken/fish.  What can I be doing wrong?

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