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    Join the Army with a GED?


      I obtained my high school general equivalency certificate in August of 2010 and since have been accepted to college as a pre med student (major biology/minor chemistry), however, due to financial hardships was not able to attend during the 2010-2011 school year. I am wondering if, it is possible to talk to a recruiter about entering the Army if you have a GED and not a high school diploma from a learning institution that I formerly attended? Or if I have to obtain a certain amount of college credit hours?

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          JKD05 ArmySoldier

          With a GED, you must obtain 15 non-remedial college credit hours from an accredited institution.

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            There are waivers available but they are hard to get. Most recruiters will push you to get the necessary college credits. From what I've gathered if you score well on the ASVAB you stand a better chance of getting a waiver. I have a ged as well and have not run into any issues as a result thus far, but it seems like most people are being told to obtain the necessary credit

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              You can enlist with a GED However,u need 15 college credits OR you must have 675 Clock hours from Job Corps. I was in job corps and i took the trade of paint and obtained those hours and my recruiter told me they counted jus like 15 college credits. I go to meps monday.

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                College credits get you in as a tier 1, equivalent to a hs diploma. However it is possible to enlist as a tier 2 with only a ged. Again don't count on it cause they aren't making very many exceptions, but I scored a 98 on the AFQT and have run into no resistance during my enlistment process.

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                  I just got my GED in the mail 2 weeks ago. I went right up the the recrutiting station , told him I got it and he told me to take the practice ASVAB. I scored a 64 on it and he said I'll be good. So , tomorrow I'm taking my real ASVAB , if I score above a 50 , I'm in with no college credits.


                  Guess I'm just lucky?

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                    GED slots are very limited. You can contact your local recruiting station to determine if they have any GED slots available, and if you qualify to enlist. If no GED slots are available, you have the option of going to your local community college, and if you earn 15 semester hours, you will be considered a high school graduate for enlistment purposes.  Wish you the very best of luck.


                    Thank you for considering our Army...................

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                      im about to go to job corps to get those hours too..


                      how long did it take u to obtain that 675 hours?


                      and are the acadmic classes from job corps count towards those 675 hours?

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                        I am joining with a GED and no college credits. I also have a recruiter that really cares, and works for his prospective recruits. In my opinion, it has more to do with your recruiter, than college credits as long as slots are available.