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    Got my ASVAB score


      I took the ASVAB last monday and I scored a 61. My recruiter told me I did very well but I was hoping to get a littler score. Can I take the ASVAB again? Or should I just stick with my score of 61?



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          Yes every 30 days. 61 is not bad yea, go get ASVAB for dummies and study for the next month slam your fu***ng head on that book and retake I bet you will get 75+. I got a 76 on my ASVAB and had a 2.0 GPA I just really really love math.

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            3 things:


            The "ASVAB" score you're talking about is the AFQT.  The only reasons it matters is to see if you can get in the door (Anything over 50 qualifies, even for Tier 2 GED holders) and whether you can qualify for a few other education benefits down the line.


            The real ASVAB scores--once you go/no-go the AFQT--are your line scores.  These are the (hopefully) larger numbers that help determine what MOS's you can qualify for...  If you aren't interested in something like 68K or something really unusual, spiking a 90%ile on the AFQT isn't that important.


            If you can get your subtest scores (what's used to calculate AFQT and ASVAB line scores), you can identify what areas you did poorest in on the particular subtest.  Then you can target your studying.  For many people, it's the math or the mechanics part.  In that case, go get yourself either an ASVAB for dummies or the appropriate other "for dummies" book and have at.


            Good luck, eh?

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              You will not be able to retake the ASVAB test just for the sake of changing your score.  Once you have qualified that is it. It may be possible while you are already in the Army to retake it then for different purposes. Remember this test is looking for the ability for you to adapt to certain jobs and the the chances of success. Jobs are based on what is available at the time of enlistment, you have to qualify mentally, morally and physically to enlist.  Jobs are revealed at MEPS by talking to the Army Guidance Counselor and reaching an agreement for your Army Enlistment. A Score of 61 increases your selection of more jobs.


              Thank you for considering our Army.....................

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                1. ******One Month Gap******. Military applicants who have taken an initial ASVAB—student or enlistment—can retest after one calendar month has elapsed. That is, if you have taken the test on September 10, you cannot retake the test until October 10. If you want to take it a third time, you need to wait another month. After that, you need to wait six more months before you can take the ASVAB again. If you don’t follow those rules, your score will be invalidated. The military staff should help you follow the correct schedule.
                2. Take The Entire Battery. You can’t just take the tests on which you scored low; you need to take the entire battery of tests again. Be sure to study for all the parts of the ASVAB, but again, focus on those tests where you scored lowest.
                3. Take It Seriously. Your latest score will be the one used for military enlistment, so put in some serious study time before you tackle the ASVAB again.
                4. Don’t Do Something Dumb. Applicants who are caught cheating or doing something disruptive at the testing session will have their test invalidated. If that is you, you will not be permitted to retest for six months from the date of the invalid test.
                5. You May Need to Prove Your Improvement. If you are retaking the ASVAB and your Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT – the math and verbal tests) score on your most recent test is 20 points or more higher than your score on the test you took less than six months before, you will be required to complete a confirmation test. Don’t worry about this, although improving that much is unusual, you will be able to score that much higher if you have followed your study schedule and focused very ******* improving your skills. You will just need to take another short test to show that the improvement reflects your true abilities.



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                Enless something changed and my recruiter is wrong


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                  You can re-take the test if you fail the test using the guidelines you posted above. If you passed the test, however, regulation states that re-taking the test just to better your options is not permitted.


                  As always though, everyone should always talk to their Recruiter about such opportunities, if they happen to exist apart from the regulation.


                  Good luck!