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    Career path guidance requested.


      Hello, I am going to be heading to MEPS soon for my physical and to sign and I am looking for advice from PS or current soldiers. I would like to go 68W and option 4 to ultimately follow in my uncles footsteps in Graduating RASP1. Now I care more about earning my wings and my scroll than being 68w. My recruiter said that in that case I should go for an 11B option 40 and see if its available. He seems to think that the 11B OSUT would help me out for RASP(which makes sense). If any soldiers, especially those with experience regarding 68W, 11B, JumpSchool or RASP1, could give me their ideas/advice I would appreciate it greatly.


      Please no Civilian Dipsh*t replies, I am looking for Legitimate advice from experienced soldiers.

      Incase this comes up I have a(n):  High School Diploma, decent physique, excellent ASVAB scores.



      Many Thanks.

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          For the Medic side--Ex-Army civilian d*psh*t currently--you might go here:  [address removed by filter due to AAS Policy]  Scroll to the bottom, and shoot an e-mail to that Medic recruiter to see what your odds are 68W-side.  At least on that page, they mention recruiting 68W's from AIT...


          Also, if you scroll up on the same page, you have a list of MOS's the Ranger Regiment recruits from...


          ...11-series predominates, 68W's probably the next most common, but there are others.  (Went to PLDC back in the day with a bunch of Rangers from 1st/75th...  Including a tabbed and scrolled Food Service Specialist...).


          Note:  If you click on the AIT student application info at the bottom, the information in the first portion still has the older terminology.  68W was previously called 91W.  Additionally, RASP 1 appears to be the new name for RIP. 


          Good luck.

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            Thank you very much DBunny! I would not call you a d*psh*t, that was referring to the 18 year-old saying "HEY IM GOING SF!...How do i do that?"

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              And--for free--if you click on the AIT application for Medics at the bottom, they have a recommended 6 week physical fitness training plan to prepare for RIP and a copy of the Ranger Creed to memorize...


              Good luck with that and--if you have to take a few months before you get to leave--I'm going to suggest getting a copy of the Anatomy and Physiology Coloring Books...  Go through it.  It will help prep you for both 68W and for the SOCM course you have to complete before getting to the Ranger regiment.




              (You can find them at Barnes and Nobles or other major book sellers in the Medical section.  Colleges like to use them for nursing students...)


              Good luck, eh?

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                AirborneDreamin wrote:


                Thank you very much DBunny! I would not call you a d*psh*t, that was referring to the 18 year-old saying "HEY IM GOING SF!...How do i do that?"

                You're doing the same thing actually so you might want to cool your socks just a bit.



                As DBunny just mentioned, if you go the 68w route you will have to pass the SOCM medic course before being assigned a unit in the regiment even if you get past RASP. It's not as long as the 18D course and they don't learn as much....but if you're doing it for for some pretty patches you can buy on ebay it will probably be quite difficult. Not insulting you in any way. Just making the point if you don't have an interest in medicine, it's probably going to be hard to learn. It's just common sense. Plus the Ranger Regiment has truck drivers, cooks, etc in it...so being a 11x really won't help too much during RASP(not saying those before professions are easy to do).

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                  Blorg I was asking for help more about navigating the system. I have a military family and I know how demanding the US Military's specialized training programs are and the MOS that are permitted for hire in the 75th. Also **** PATCHES! Its the pride in your unit not the pins on your shirt. But thank you for the reply.


                  DBunny- I got a reply saying I have decent chance if I let my DI know i want to go Ranger and I'm able to land an Option4. Thanks Again!

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                    There are actually a lot of jobs that can get into the 75th :



                    [address removed by filter due to AAS Policy]