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      I recently took the ASVAB and scored a 98. I met with my recruiter a few days after the test and he expressed that he thinks its a shame I didn't join sooner, as I will not have a huge choice of available jobs. His concern has me thinking I should wait until I can secure an MOS I really want. Is this something I should consider? My recruiter recommended that I enlist and change my MOS a few years down the line. Is this an option as well?  Another concern I have is that we haven't talked about specific MOS yet. When should this happen? From what it sounds like I should have something secured before meps, but we haven't talked about any specific MOS and I feel like were getting close to signing. Last, I'm currently single but plan on getting married, should I do this before a certain point to avoid paperwork and pay issues. thanks in advance for any help

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          Generally speaking, your first reenlistment usually gives you the opportunity to change MOS's to one you are also qualified for regardless of what are called "in/out calls".  Also, if you find yourself in an MOS at a skill level that is overstrength and want to request a change of MOS to one that is understrength at your skill level, you may get lucky.  So, he's not feeding you a load about changing MOS's later, depending on how long you want to wait and the like.


          So, the question as to whether or not to wait for the MOS you want now or to try to get in now and re-train later really comes down to whether the MOS you want will be available in a near time-frame and/or whether you risk getting in at all short term.  The problem is that--according to Department of Defense and Department of the Army--the Army is "stabilizing" it's strength (after increasing for the last several years) and is "balancing it's force structure".  (Stabilizing means a decrease in overall recruiting.  Balancing means the Army is changing how many people will be in each MOS with a priority on re-training soldiers and NCO's already in the Army.)


          So, for MOS's that are highly desirable, you are likely to have a hard time getting slots for a while.  For  MOS's you can get into at skill level 1 (PV1 through Specialist) you might have better luck than the prior service guys trying to get back in, especially if you are willing to work with your recruiter and be willing to leave on short notice.


          So, it's really up to you, but definitely tell your recruiter what you're willing to do to work with him, eh?


          Good luck, eh?

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            TO be honest, it is hard to change you mos later on, so ive heard. Wait and enlist under a job YOU want.Dont let them talk you into it like they did with me. A 98 is a great score, and youcan have alot of jobs. IF you waituntil october, thats when the slots open up, you can probably get a job you want.

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              I enlisted a week ago and was wanting the job 11X. When I was at MEPS my couselor told be 11x was closed. I went ahead a picked 13b and Im not realy sure about that. I really want a job where I'm in the middle of the ****. Is there anyway I could re-class to a different MOS or is 13b a good job for what I want?

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                13B is a good job! You will be in the middle of EVERYTHING along with the 11Bs.. My friend is one. and we call them "Glorified 11b's" lol.. Its a good pick