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    BAH fraud?


      is it true that 2 married couples spliting an apartment off base is BAH fraud?? thant stink cause it could really help my husband and i out with money as well as the other married couple!!  even if one couple is paying for rent adnthe other is paying for food?

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          JKD05 ArmySoldier

          I'm not entirely sure what the regs are on it, but I don't know how it is fraud. For example, my husband and I both receive BAH (he gets the full rate, I get the partial). If you're entitled to BAH, you're also entitled to spend it how you deem necessary to pay your bills, and if you choose to cohabitate with another couple also receiving BAH you're not double dipping because the four of you aren't all married to each other.

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            That is how I figured it as well. However the other guy said his NCO siad it was fraud. My husband and I will both recieve BAH as well. Im schedualed to leave for basic feb. 28th. I coundlt exactly understand it being fraud either, but he said we could get in major trouble and possibly jail time for it. It just deosnt make sense to me.

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              I have seen people go through this arrangement before it never ends well for the parties involve.

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                His NCO is mistaken.  Ask him to explain exactly what he thinks is fraudulent about the situation.  Soldiers who are entitled to BAH get BAH.  It has nothing to do with who they live with, nor if they pay rent or a mortgage.

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                  it is not fraud as many single Officers and NCO's have military roommates of equal or lesser rank. As long as everyone involved is on the lease it should satisfy the Finance Sections requirement to receive BAH. It is a way to ease the burdon we all face when trying to rent a large enough domicile for our families.

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                    Thank you! This is what I figured. I knew it didnt sound right!

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                      No it is not fraud at all. Military spouses can live together and both receive BAH. One would receive full the other partial Usually the person with the higher rank would receive it due to the fact he/she gets more. Now what would be fraud is if you're both married and didn't submit your marriage certificate and both receive the full BAH rate for your locality. Now "the other guy's NCO" shouldn't be telling your friend things he doesn't know or understand. The best people to talk to would be your S1 and the finance office. Once you get to your assigned unit after basic and AIT when you get to your unit, the unit clerks will have everything sorted out for you.

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                        Thank you very much! All this information is very helpful. If this helps at all, they are stationed at Ft. Bliss, Texas. They only thing we could figure is that is a rule s[ecific to Texas because we couldnt figure it any other way that it would be BAH fraud. Thank you!

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                          Does anyone know anything on how joint domicile works?