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      Hey all...I want to know what is up with the animal care specialist (68t) MOS? Online it says all this great stuff and so i went to talk to a recruiter today and he basically said the exact opposite of what the army website says. Everything that was online he either said wasnt true or he had never heard of that...I kno that it is in Texas that you would go for BCT and AIT, so i didnt know if it would be best to talk to a recruiter there.

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          Get it out of your head.


          I hate to be mean and bust your bubble but you won't be getting this MOS. This was my absolute MOS of choice when I went to MEPS. Before going I know it was almost impossible to get..but there it was drove home harder. My career counselor called the ROC (the main recruiter depo, the people that can override what MOS you can chose from) and they basically laughed at him and told him there wouldn't be any open training spots for it for the next year. Not to brag or anything...but I had a 94 on the ASVAB too. So if there was any way to make them override it they would of done it.


          Like I said though, before going there I knew it was going to be almost impossible to get. just think of it this way. At each military base you might have 5-10 or maybe even 20 there. Now think of all the military bases. Not many right? Okay, so maybe a few hundred of them but that still ends up with less than 5000 people doing this job. That's 0.009% of the army. Sure there are people getting out of the army daily...but there are also people that have this MOS reserved 6-12 months ago.


          As for the job itself. It's pretty much a vet tech. Just remember though, in the army you are a soldier first. This means you could be stuck doing any little thing around base, especially for your first few years. Your recruiter not knowing anything goes back to my points made above. My recruiter was the only person in his office that even knew about this MOS (out of like 5ish recruiters) and he said he's never been able to reserve a spot for a recruit. It being so close to a civilian job is probably another reason you can't find a slot, that means once out they can get a job as a vet tech pretty easily. The economy is making people rush to the military (which I think is terrible....insult it until it's your only job option then flock to it).



          Now before you start thinking "oh he's just bitter he didn't get it, that's why he's saying all this stuff" I can assure you, I'm not bitter towards the army in any way. I knew going in I most likely wouldn't get it. And I still ended up with a great job in the medical field so if a spot does open, I have a fair chance of reclassing later on down the road.


          On a side note though, if you're still in highschool and can reserve a spot that's really far down the road...you might get lucky. I'm out of highschool and currently pushed the pause button on my undergraduate degree so my only option was spots 6-8 months from now where as if you're in highschool you can look at 12-14 (i think, I know at least 12).

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            The problem is--looking at reenlistment in/out calls, promotion point scores, and the like--is that it's a small-volume MOS (Translation:  Low % completing an enlistment in it at any one time) that's in demand (meaning people in and out of the service want it) and people seem to be staying in the MOS for a long time.


            Additionally, unlike many other MOS's, this one appears to have it's numbers based around the number of posts and divisions instead of the number of battalions or brigades.  This means that--when the Army expands a bit--it's not likely to change numbers very much plus--in recent history--the Army's dropped a number of divisions and posts meaning a larger number of "plank holders" in the MOS already in the system.


            The solution is to either play the long game or to decide whether another MOS (or service) is appropriate for you.

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              I hate to burst anyones bubble but somehow I was able to get this MOS by sheer luck back in December. Everyone has told me how rare it is to get this job and I consider myself very lucky. My recruiter didnt even reserve it for me it just happened to open up as I was sitting with my Liason at MEPS so dont give up you never know what might happen but at the same time dont hold your breathe. My recruiters havent seen an opening in 2 years and have a dozen or so recruits they have tried to get it. Good luck with what ever you choose to do!

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                Congratulations on enlisting as a 68T   You'll do your AIT down here at Fort Sam Houston with the rest of the "elect" that were chosen for this low-denisty MOS.  What are you exact questions or concerns regarding your MOS?

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                  ...you keep saying people want 68T because of the economy but if you analyze the technical jobs in the Army that translate to civilian jobs, you will find that vet tech has the lowest civilian pay vs. Army pay ratio...in other words, you make more IN the Army as an Animal Care Specialist than you would in a civilian vet tech job.  ANY other 68 series job would translate to better civilian prospects as well as the numerous electronics, computer, commo, etc. jobs...

                  There are other factors involved in most people's decision about selecting this MOS I think