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    Prior Service Back to Bootcamp?



      I just recently joined the Army National Guard.  I got out of the Navy this past September after 5 years.  I was excited about joining the Guard and it giving me a chance to really focus on school so I contacted my recruiter several months before getting out of the Navy.  When I got out of the Navy, I was under the impression of going to the WTC, which is what my recruiter told me... I get out, go meet my recruiter face to face for the first time in September and surprise surprise!  No more WTC and back to basic I go.  I wasnt happy about this at all but I've got big dreams about being in the Guard and Im trying to look at this as a minor bump in the road.  Well I finally got sworn in in November with 19D MOS.  Just before my first drill weekend in December my recruiter tells me they arent sending prior service back to square one basic, but putting us in a different "prior service people" platoon with only about 5 weeks of training.  Not mixing prior service and brand new recruits.  So I am still waiting on a ship date of what Im supposed to do.  I have some other Sergeants telling me different where I drill whether or not I will be put back in with brand new recruits at BCT.  Some say I will others say to wait and see what "big Army" wants to do.  Well my goals with school and other plans of mine are getting put on hold for this.  I dont want to start school to find out I need to drop out to go do army training.  I dont want to start my GI bill then stop because I understand it's difficult to get it started again.


      So I guess my question is... What is big Army doing with the prior service? Full Blown square one Bootcamp? or a Prior Service Bootcamp?


      Any information on this will do.  Thanks.

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          PS troops out for more then 3 years have to completly re-do BCT all over again just as a new recruit would go through it. There is no more WTC.

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            My break in service is only a couple months.  Do you know what I can expect to do since WTC is no more?

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              Prior service Navy (no matter how long the break) will now go to a normal BCT. I was prior Navy too and enlisted in the Army Reserve this past October and have received my confirmation that I attend BCT at the end of Feb. Count on the full 9 weeks. Of course the military as you well know constantly changes, so they could change it again before you get scheduled to go...but I wouldn't count on that.

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                Thanks for replying Fritz.  How long ago did you recieve your orders and how did you recieve them? AKO Email or regular mail? Sorry for so many questions, It's just nobody knows what's going here, I'm pretty much brand new to this hole army thing let alone the reserves with very little contacts in the army.

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                  SPC Tee2zee. Expect to just be put into AIT with another group. If you are keeping you same MOS, you may just go to a unit.

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                    Im getting 15 different answers here. Goarmy is right about having to go back. Im prior Marine thats been out for 7ish years. As to how and what type of BTC? Thats a bunch of mixed answers and I have YET to speak to one prior service tyhat has gone through it to confirm or deny anything. Sooooo, with that said, I would just assume the worse and go for it. 

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                      Yeah I'll just assume the worst.  Back to basic I go.  Have you got a ship date yet for BCT

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                        I haven't received my official orders, but can view the reservation in the ATRRS system. If you have AKO access you can log into your ATRRS training record and see them once they are made. My recruiter said I will get the official orders at the end of this month or beginning of next as my ship date is the end of Feb. I was assigned to my reserve unit and have attended 3 Battle Assembly weekends so far, with one more occurring before I ship. So that's what you should expect to happen.


                        VexedBlood -- If you're going active duty then you'll also attend a normal BCT. If you're joining the Reserves or NG then you will just go to your unit and will be sent to AIT if that's necessary.


                        This information is straight off the ALARACT message about WTC closing (ALARACT_346_2010). You can search in yahoo to see the exact message.

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                          Vexed, I was MEPS this morning, and was told, If your P/S and have been out for over 24 months, you will attend BCT from day 1 with everyone else.

                          Hope this clears it up for ya. =)

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                            Being a prior service Marine, thats been out for over 15yrs, when I enlisted in November, I was originally told by the career counselor I would attend WTC until he called the ROC  and the ROC told him that I would have to attend FULL BCT. I ship to FT Leonardwood, MO 201104.


                            I wasn't happy about it but after speaking with other ps Marines that have gone through  BCT I'm sure it'll be fine.

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                              Hey I just wanted to ask how any of you guys received  orders. I enlisted into the national guard 10dec10 and I still don't have a ship date. Any info would help. I'm doing the whole hurry up and wait thing. I've been waiting for a ship date for two months. I don't mind going through basic again... At this point its better then what I'm doing now. Maybe one of you warriors knows a recruiter I can speak to that has given you a ship date.

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                                Well, hopefully your order process will go smoother than mine. I still haven't received orders, even though I ship in less than two weeks. One thing you can do is when you log into AKO, click on My Training, then scroll to the bottom and in the ATRRS block click on View my training record. This will open in a new window and on that page click to View your training record again. It will show any school reservations you have upcoming (such as BCT). Remember though, the date listed is the date you will report to training, not necessarily the date you ship. In my case I ship almost a week before my report date. I hope that helps you. The only other thing you should do is stay in contact with your recruiter as they're the ones that will be in contact with MEPS to get your orders setup and squared away.

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                                  Your ship date should've been on your contract the day you enlisted. Mine was on my contract.

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                                    Same thing happened to me. I'm prior service Navy and was told that I would be attending the WTC, but they changed the rules literally days before I signed my contract. Got a ship date the same day I swore in, for the end of May.


                                    Seems like this could be a huge hassle for prior service who have jobs and a family, but I'm just a single college student so I'm actually looking forward to attending basic =P It's like a well paying summer job.


                                    I also think that for a prior service, the whole experience will be much less stressful/scary than for a 17/18 year old coming straight out of high school. The only thing that does scare me is going in as an E-4/prior service might subject us to some extra attention from the drill sergeants, which goes against my philosphy of "flying under the radar" like I did through boot camp.

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