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Jan 21, 2010 11:33 AM

15W Unmanned Aerial Systems [[PLEASE DIRECT ALL QUESTIONS HERE]]

Please direct all questions in this thread, so I dont have to jump from post to post and if someone has the same question they will be able to read here.

I have 2000+ hours of flight within the MOS, 2500+ hours of Mission Commander time, and I'm a certified insctructor pilot within my respective system. I will answer all questions I can, and If I cannot personally I know people that most likely will be able too.

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    Jan 24, 2010



    I am a 20 year old who has decided to join the Army. I am extremely interested in 15W and just had a few questions. I have spoke to a recruiter already and was told that there are an overwhelming number of soldiers already enlisted at this position and I am trying to figure out if I still want to pick this job when I sign.


    First off I scored a 78 on my pre-ASVAB, I know it isnt the real test but is that a decent range to be in to be qualified for the job?


    How fast is the general promotion rate? I know it depends on the individual but I was just wondering if it is unusually slow because of capacity or any other factors.


    Where is the AIT conducted at? As well as other training that I could go throw?


    How does the rotation of jobs work? I was told that everyone in 15W spends a certain amount of time as an operator, and certain amount of time on a recovery team?


    Also is it a primarily an overseas deployment position or mostly stateside?


    I am sure I will have some more questions soon. Thank you in advance, I would love to know the most possible information on the position.

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    Jan 24, 2010

    Wow thank you for the information. I had a few more questions as well.


    When you are deployed then what exactly is there to do with your free time. I know It varies on where you are, and I have heard that Afghanistan is not as built up as Iraq is as far as living quaters go. I just wanted to hear your insight.


    After you come back to the states from a tour is there just more training or is it doing random things that your unit is doing?


    Also were you saying that automatically out of AIT we get promoted to SPC or did I missunderstand you?


    And finally, is there any special pay involved in being a 15W or is that just a rumor I heard?

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    I'm a SPC 42A looking to reclass in about 7 months to something in the intel field and 15W could fit the bill. My questions...


    What is garrison life like for a 15W? What time do you get released typically? What work do you do daily? How many college credits do you get on your AARTS for this AIT? What type of battalions do you get assigned to? (infantry, support, etc). What are the duty station opportunities? Does this MOS typically get CONUS, OCONUS, particular duty stations, or are they stationed just about anywhere? How do most 15W's feel about their MOS? Do they enjoy it, or wish they picked something else? Thanks for the help!

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    Oct 5, 2008

    Wow, that's a lot of credits on the FAA alone. I'm sure it's a fair amount of AARTS then as well. I'm actually at Fort Polk right now. Not the best post in the Army, and of course I dislike my battalion/MOS. I'm looking for something in Intel, and I'm currently in college for Intel Analyst. 1700 release isn't bad, considering I work past that, and through lunches half the time in Human Resources. (42A is a bad MOS, either that or it's the battalion I'm in). I wouldn't mind being in a support battalion or even CAV. What ASVAB line score do I need for this MOS, do you know? I thought I read a 105 in SC or something online, not sure, but looking at my ERB I don't know which one that is as the ERB reads different.


    Two things that draw me to 15W, promotions points so low that all you need is a pulse to get promoted, and it's a unique Intel job. I'm almost maxed on ACCP and I have college too, will be maxed I hope sometime next year, especially if I get this MOS all the credits they give you. I wonder if they will give me a ASVAB waiver or if I will have to re take it. I won't re up if they won't give me an MOS I want either. I am extremely interested in this job. Thanks for all your help!

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    My husbands re-enlistment has just opened up. He is going to re-enlist but was thinking of changing MOS to 15W. So we have a couple questions.


    1. What ASVAB scores do you have to have to get into this MOS?


    2. Can you get a waiver if you are off by a few points?


    3. For me I was wondering with the legnth of the AIT will the kids and myself be aloud to join him in AZ?



    He still has about a year that he can re-enlist but we are doing the research to see what we want to do. He wants to eventually go to OCS. He has 60 college credits now but not an Associate Degree. As of right now he is a 91B. Any information that you can give us would be great and any information you can give us about doing our first re-enlistment. Thanks a lot in advance and may God bless you all. From one Proud Army Wife to all of the Soldiers and your families than you for all you do!!!!!

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    Dec 9, 2008

    I found a little information on the following websites.





    Edited by: jennifer.matteucci on Mar 4, 2010 3:14 AM - Removed due to AAS Policy:


    You may search this information on a search engine, if you wish to view this information. Sorry!

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    i know that this is for the army but i was wondering if you had some info on the UAS for the air force as well


    i have been looking at all the different armed services and i realize that a uav operator (for army) flies the uav (which has no weapons(or do they)) or controls the camera and such and switches through this


    from what i understand in the air force for this similar job is that if enlisted you dont actually fly the predator but you just operate the cameras and sensors, but do you know if they fire the weapons on the predator as well or is that just for the pilot

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    Nov 11, 2008

    so with the warrior would enlisted still be able to pilot the uav or is the army going to only allow officers to fly warriors?

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