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    Clarify to the new entrance requirements for 46Q and 46R.


      Clarify to the new entrance requirements for 46Q and 46R.

      This is taken from the Department of Army Pamphlet 611-21 also known as the MOS Smartbook (DA PAM 611-21).



      Please read below and if you have any questions of concerns feel free to post them here.

      SFC Bryan W. Beach

      Army Public Affairs Center



      Active Army accessions into MOS 46Q: (See note).     

           1. Active Army in-service Soldiers who are reclassifying into MOS 46Q must be a SPC(P) or SGT non-promotable. Soldiers must complete MOS 46Q training and PA BNCOC training.

           2. Active Army non-prior-service accessions must have either a 2-year or 4-year degree and be eligible for PFC or SPC rank.

           3. Active Army prior service accession candidates must be eligible for SPC rank. 

           4. Active Army waiver requests should be submitted to HRC, EPMD, CMF46 Branch Manager, contact [phone number removed by filter due to AAS Policy].

      NOTE: Rank requirements for in-service accessions and education requirements for non-prior-service are applicable to the Active Army only.


      (j) Reserve Component (ARNG/USAR) accessions into MOS 46Q:

           1. ARNG/USAR access non-prior service and prior service skill level-one Soldiers in the ranks between PVT through SPC.

           2. ARNG/USAR applicants must be high school graduates, and otherwise meet the general minimum requirements for MOS 46Q. For applicants who hold a General Equivalency Diploma (GED), waiver requests should be submitted to the Director, U.S. Army Public Affairs Center.