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    Air Assault


      It's a pretty simple post. What's Air Assault School? I can't find anything about it on goarmy.com...

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          MAOakley ArmySoldier

          Time to bust out some "Google-fu"! lol


          Air Assault is primarily a school that is focused on rapelling from helicopters, sling load and LZ operations. The only Air Assault division is the 101st Airborne, but many other units will send Soldiers to Air Assault since helicopters are utilized quite heavily. Google Air Assault and you will get some great information.

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            So is it like an advanced Aireborne? Like Jumpmaster? And is it possible to become part of the 101st? What do they do? (specifically anyway, if you know) Thanks for your info though!

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              JKD05 ArmySoldier

              No, it's not Airborne and has nothing to do with Airborne. The shortest way to explain it is... Air Assault involves rappelling out of a helicopter, Airborne involves jumping out of a plane. Just like Airborne soldiers can become jump masters, Air Assault soldiers can become rappel masters.


              You can be in the 101st and not be Air Assault qualified, and conversely you can be Air Assault qualified and not be in the 101st. There's no way to guarantee a way to get assigned to the division. Unfortunately you also can't get Air Assault school in an enlistment contract like you can with Airborne.


              The 101st is just a division, just like the 1st Cavalry Division, 1st Infantry Division, 1st Armored Division, 10th Mountain Division. They all have long and proud histories. Under the new modular force structure, they more or less operate the same way. They have infantry, artillery, cooks, supply clerks, and many other MOSs assigned to them.

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                1) Janelle so it is possible to be in the 101st Airborne Division without being Air Assault?

                2) If so how can one accomplish it?


                3) I was hoping to be in the 101st but I don't want to be Air Assault.

                4) Can MP's be in the 101st without being Air Assault?


                Thank you for your time

                (Sorry for all the questions)

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                  Sorry I'm answering for SGT Sennert here, but I can answer your questions just as well.


                  1) Yes.

                  2) Talk to your Branch Manager for reassignment OR put it in your dream sheet.

                  3) And why the [hoo-hoo] not? Being Air Assault helps you in the Army and afterwards. When you list your awards and formal education, you can show a wide diversity of tactical, strategic, professional military, personal civilian and professional civilian education and training. Do you think an employer wants to see someone who sat on their tuchus the whole time, or someone that went out there and did something.

                  4) Yes.